5 Tips to Simplify Employee Onboarding

    If your company is new to using a managed IT provider, there are several questions that will go through the minds of many leaders. How do I simplify employee onboarding? Will our employees like working with managed IT providers? What does managed IT mean for my business?

    There are plenty of benefits to simplify employee onboarding when you work with managed IT providers. For example, you can focus on your core business and outsource IT concerns to a reliable and experienced team.

    Here are five tips to simplify employee onboarding when you work with a managed IT provider:

    1. Define clear roles and responsibilities for your managed IT provider. When you partner with a managed IT provider, it’s important to define the roles and responsibilities of each company. This provides a clear understanding of expectations.

    2. Acknowledge that employees may have reservations about working with managed IT providers. Managed IT providers can be uncomfortable for some people because you’re giving control over your technology to someone else. Make sure employees understand how their roles will not change and that the managed IT provider will simplify rather than complicate their jobs.

    3. Make sure employees know all of the ways they can communicate with your managed IT providers. The goal is to simplify employee onboarding, so give your employees several options for communicating with their managed IT providers. This may include email, phone calls, text messages and online portals.

    4. Create a plan to simplify onboarding for new hires. It’s important to simplify employee onboarding whenever possible, so have a plan in place to simplify it as much as possible for new hires. For example, if your talent team uses a different system than your managed IT provider does, learn how you can integrate the two systems so new employees don’t have to learn two different systems.

    5. Train your employees on how to use the new tools and technologies provided by your managed IT provider. One of the benefits of working with a managed IT provider is that you’ll have access to new technologies and tools. Make sure your employees are trained on how to use these tools so they can be productive as soon as possible.

    When you simplify employee onboarding with a managed IT provider, you’ll see many benefits for your business. These benefits include improved communication, reduced stress levels, and more time to focus on your core business. Contact ThrottleNet today to learn more about how they can help simplify employee onboarding for your company.