5 Ways to Take Your Vacation to the Next Level

    With some places easing lockdown restrictions, you might be thinking about a unique end-of-Covid vacation. 

    As coronavirus restrictions are gradually being lifted, and the world is beginning to heal. With caution, some states such as California, Mississippi, Virginia, and even some New York regions are beginning to allow limited access to beaches, casinos, and campsites. 

    We all recognize the importance of lockdown restrictions in stopping the spread of a fatal virus and protect our communities, but few can argue it has been a slog of epic proportions. We have had to adapt our lives like never before, change our daily routines and working habits, and cancel important events like weddings and vacations.

    It’s time to plan for the future again, and what better way to kick-start the future than with a vacation you’ll never forget. Here are five ideas to take your post-coronavirus vacation to the next level:

    Stay Right on the Beachfront   

    There is nothing worse than staying in a city hotel and traveling to the beach with all your gear. Worse still is getting back, sun-drenched, and covered in sand. At times like that, you wish the whole travel part could be deleted, and that you were only a short walk from an appealing shower. 

    Luckily, it is possible to discover the perfect beachfront location. 

    The Four Season Resort, Bali, Indonesia

    This resort offers unforgettable views and authentic Balinese culture. It is sheltered in a calm bay along three miles of sand near a quiet village.  

    Little Palm Island Resort, Florida Keys 

    According to Monroe County, Businesses in the Keys are permitted to take reservations that can be honored when restrictions are lifted. That makes it easier to plan for that instant getaway.  

    See the World’s Natural Wonders 

    There’s little that can create such a sense of awe as some of the world’s most powerful and beautiful vistas and phenomena. What better way to ramp up your vacation than by seeing a stunning natural wonder?

    The Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights aren’t unique to Iceland and Norway; they can be seen in many parts of the world, including Alaska and Canada. Ontario has a dark sky preserve near Muskoka known for its knock-out views of the magical phenomena.  

    Antelope Canyon, Arizona

    Known to the Navajo as “the place where water runs through rock,” this remarkable geological feature isn’t a world away. Take your camera with you and capture spectacular images of the wavy, Martian-like landscape. You will leave with a new sense of wonder. 

    Hire a Personal Guide 

    If you’ve ever been on a guided tour before, you’ll know the pros and cons. It’s great to have a subject specialist to show you around imparting little-known information in the form of jokes and anecdotes, but the group dynamic can sometimes be restrictive, not allowing you enough time in one place or preventing you from asking some burning questions.

    A personal guide can be an excellent solution. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a vacation, it could be worth enhancing the sights and sounds of a fascinating new place for the price of a restaurant meal. Check out Private-Guides.com and TripAdvisor.com for guidance on how to find one tailored to your needs. 

    Charter a Private Jet 

    A private jet could be renamed “luxury air taxi.” It can be accessed from your car on the tarmac with limited security and no baggage allowance. Although the planes travel at the same speed as commercial airlines, they are often more direct, benefiting from different routes and limited delays. 

    Although they come with a higher price tag than commercial flights, private flights are becoming ever more accessible for first-time users. You can get a private jet charter to Vero Beach, Florida or Naples, Italy or anywhere in between and step off at your special destination relaxed, refreshed, and ready to explore.

    Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacations

    A vacation’s all about the experience, right? To take your vacation to the next level, try doing something you’ve never done before, and something you may never do again.

    Mt. Kilimanjaro 

    Like most adventure vacations, Mt Kilimanjaro requires some effort to scale the 1245 meter volcanic plateau. The good news is an average person without technical climbing skills and who isn’t super fit can still achieve this. It might leave you red in the face, but with a view out across the arid Tanzanian landscape that will never leave you. 

    Take a Balloon Ride 

    Thousands of years ago, The City of Bagan in Myanmar was the most important cultural and economic center in the region. In its time, it built thousands of Buddhist temples and pagodas for religious worship. The Temple Fields of Bagan can be viewed from the air in a hot air balloon as you float across the vast plains on this trip of a lifetime.

    Whatever you decide to do for your first vacation post-COVID-19, be sure to make it unforgettable!