6 Fishing Products Perfect to Put on Your Gift Wish List

6 Fishing Products Perfect to Put on Your Gift Wish List

Whether you’re new to fishing or enhancing your fishing game, you will want to add the following fishing gear to your wish list this year!

1. Scent

If you use unscented lures for fishing, then fishing scent should be at the top of your fishing wish list. Fishing scent is designed to make fake bait seem more realistic.

Adding scent to your lure attracts fish from further away, gets you extra bites, and even entices fish to hold on to the bait longer. The most attractive scents are garlic, anise, and salt.

2. Net

For most types of fishing, you’re going to find having a net is very helpful for both getting your fish in the boat and unhooking the fish in the water.

The type of fishing net you will want to add to your wish list depends on whether you’re keeping the fish you catch or releasing them back into the water. Nylon nets are best for the fish you plan on keeping, but they can be more prone to tangling.

A rubberized net is best if you’re releasing your fish, as it does not remove the fish’s slime coat the way a nylon net does. The slime coat is essential to fish and is needed to fight infection and disease.

3. Glasses

Polarized glasses are not only a great addition to your fishing hat for sun protection, but they also block the glare off the top of the water in a way that provides a clearer and more focused fishing experience.

Copper-colored fishing glasses increase focus by blocking out blue light. They also can be used in cloudy, low-light scenarios to enhance clarity. Gray lenses on the other hand are best for full sun and high heat conditions as they provide the most protection.

4. Fishing Line/Braids

If you’re new to fishing, you will not want to add just any line to your fishing wish list. While it’s good to have a variety of spools available, if you primarily fish in the same types of areas for the same fish, there’s a line that’s best for that condition.

8-12lb lines are for smaller bait and catch; 15-20lb braids are best for areas with heavier cover where you may need to detect light bites; and 30-50lb braids are also useful for heavy cover and for crankbaits where you have to rely more on the reel than the rod.

5. Rust-free Pliers and Scissors

Scissors and pliers are used for important tasks like cutting lines and adjusting lures, respectively. To get the best of out these tools, you should add the rust-free options to your wish list. Tools made from stainless steel or titanium are rust-resistant, last longer, and won’t leave you stuck in a bind.

6. Fishing Hook Covers

Last on the list, useful for any fisher. Add fishing hook covers to your wish list to save yourself from unnecessary finger pricks and tangled lures. Fishing hook covers are dull, plastic pieces that fit over the individual hooks on your lures, keeping them separated and from poking you as you pick them out.