6 Simple Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for a Man

6 Simple Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for a Man

As the gift giving holidays arrive, many people are starting to make their shopping lists. Once a few major purchases are planned out, there are still the stocking stuffers to think about – small gifts that can be fun, helpful, or novel. The men in your life deserve to have some fun, too! Here are some ideas to help you fill their stockings with joy this year.

1- A Pocket Knife

This is a classic gift that many men simply don’t have anymore. Give him this classic – and handy – treasure this year. He’s sure to treasure it always. As an extra touch, consider having the pocket knife engraved; most jewelry stores offer engraving services. This is a great way to add a personal dimension to this special gift.

2- A Bold Chain Bracelet

Many men like the look of bold steel, gold, and silver chain bracelets but simply won’t buy one for themselves; that’s why this makes such a great gift. Chain bracelets come in several widths and chain thicknesses. Even though the internet may have a better variety, shopping for these in person will give you a better sense of what the bracelet would look like when worn. Be sure to learn if he has any metal sensitivities; if so, select a non-reactive metal such as gold or stainless steel. This can also be an item that is passed down from generation to generation.

3- Cigars

A classically masculine gift, cigars are something to be savored on a special occasion or even just when unwinding on the weekend. The gift of a few cigars tucked away in an airtight container is a thoughtful gift that men of any age can enjoy. Younger men in particular are unfamiliar with cigars, so this gift can help introduce them to something that they will likely encounter as they move through the world.

4- Travel Size Cologne

Unless you know a man very well, you are probably going to have a hard time guessing his favorite cologne. Furthermore, if he wants to try new things, a full bottle is a risky and expensive purchase. Instead, try giving him a few travel-sized bottles.

5- Lip Balm

A simple gift that never goes unappreciated! Caring for dry, chapped, and cracked lips is important to everyone. Give the men in your life a break with some good quality lip balm. A generous three-pack will last for several months, and you can even buy the lip balms in different .

6- Whiskey Mini Bottles

Small bottles are a great way to sample new varieties of alcohol, and if the man in your life is a whiskey fan, he’ll love having a few mini bottles around for sampling. These are ideal for mixing quick drinks or sipping on the weekend.

Ultimately, the gifts you choose should reflect the preferences and lifestyle of the recipient. These ideas will help get you started thinking creatively about shopping this holiday season. No matter what you choose to give, the recipient will be happy when he opens up his stocking.