6 Types of Facebook Videos You Should Be Creating

    One of the wonderful things about Facebook is that there are so many kinds of videos you can create on it. This gives you an endless stream of ideas to try and get your creative juices flowing. If you have no idea about the different types of videos you can create and how they can benefit you, then you have come to the right place. As below I am going to share the best types of Facebook ideas you should be creating and how they can benefit your business…

    Video posts for the feed:

    The most popular form of video is the post in the feed. This is a great method for reaching people. But remember that it is also very competitive as most people are using this method. So, this will work best for people who have a large number of fans already. 

    If you don’t have a large number of fans, you can use the following method. 

    Video stories:

    A method that is new to Facebook, but it isn’t overused is stories. People love watching stories and they have the fear of missing out factor. So, if you have fewer followers a better way to stand out is creating stories. But instead of editing the videos, you create for the feed, you should create unique videos for your stories. They should be vertical videos that stand out. 

    Live videos:

    Live videos on Facebook get 3 times the views that regular videos get. So, if you are creating a special video that needs to get a lot of views, you should make it live. You can also sell products in your videos as they are just like webinars and do a great job at generating sales. 

    But make sure you go in with a plan while creating live videos. Don’t just create them whimsically. You need to have an introduction phase where you get people to communicate back, a content phase where you promote content, and a promotion phase where you promote at the end. You can also have a Q and A phase at the end to get more people to communicate back. 

    Also, make sure you promote the video through various methods such as email and ads. Don’t just launch it out of the blue. You can also create a unique cover image using a background remover and a photo editing tool and add it as the cover. 

    Influencer videos:

    One way to stand out from the competition if you have fewer fans is by using influencer marketing. As there are several influencers out there with a lot of followers. They will be ready to publish your videos and help it generate more views. 

    Some influencers will be interested in creating their own video content. This might actually be better. As they know what their fans like, so they will create better videos that will suit their audience and help you get more views. 

    When they promote your videos make sure they mention your product and how to get access to it. Get them to share a link to your product in the description and get them to tag your handle. This will help you attract both sales and followers. 

    Video ads:

    Another paid tactic you can use to reach more people is ads. You should use a combination of both stories ads and in-feed ads here. Again, create different ads for different content formats as everything won’t work the same way. 

    Also, make sure you develop a funnel to complement the ad. As you need to see a return for your investment. 

    Live video ads:

    There’s another type of ad that most people haven’t heard about. These are live video ads. But not everyone can create them. You actually need to meet certain criteria before you use them. So, make sure you meet these before you dive into them. 


    These are the 6 types of Facebook videos you should be creating. Begin implementing them today to generate views, engagement, traffic, and sales.