7 Incredible Vape Accessories You Need In 2019

    If you’re going to vape, why not do it in style?

    The vaping market is home to thousands of great accessories that can make your experience a whole lot more customized. It’s incredible how much vape accessories have developed, and it’s about time you started using what the market has to offer.

    We’re going to go over some of the best new accessories for you to try out in 2019.

    Must-Have Vape Accessories

    You might already have one or two of these devices in one form or another. But we’re sure there’ll be something on this list that you still need.

    1. Extra Tanks

    If you’re a real flavor hound, you’ll able to taste the residual e-juice left over from the past. Those flavors can build up over time and start to seriously affect your experience. 

    It’s like when a bunch of paint colors get mixed together and create brown, except its flavor. Nobody wants that. If you’re a person who likes pure flavors, carry an extra tank around in the case that you need to switch flavors but have yet to clean your original tank. 

    2. Wax Converters

    As you dig deeper into vaping, you’ll want to start doing some things yourself. That includes creating your own liquids. 

    Wax converters allow you to take wax or other concentrates and turn them into oil that you can vape. This will really open up your ability to experiment. 

    3. Pocket Grinders

    Dry herb vaporizers allow you to vape materials without turning them into liquids or juices. You’ll still need to grind them, though. 

    Having a small pocket vape-grinder can allow you to take small amounts of different herbs and make them vape-able. 

    4. Portable Charger

    One of the great pitfalls of vaping is that the battery can die. As you vape more and more, the battery will begin to lose its original force. 

    You can get around this issue by keeping a portable USB charger on hand. These chargers just need to be docked overnight and will provide you with a quick charge throughout the day.

    5. 30 Ml Bottles

    Another way to optimize your experience is by keeping a few different e-liquids on-hand. You don’t want to have a bunch of clunky bottles in your bag, though, so it can help to have a few small bottles of e-juice to choose from.

    6. Cleaning Kit

    If you’re going to be making adjustments and changing liquids on the fly, you’ll want to have a solid cleaning kit to keep everything in tip-top shape. 

    Otherwise, you’ll start to get that “brown” taste that no one wants.

    7. Vape Juice Pods

    Refillable pods such as SMOK Novo Pods can provide an extremely convenient experience. These devices are small, efficient, and very discreet. Just fill up, plug in, and you’re ready to vape.

    If you’re looking for a unique experience, check them out. 

    Need More Upgrades?

    Upgrading with vape accessories is a must if you want to have the best possible experience. Don’t stop there, though. 

    Most areas of life could use an upgrade or two. From vape tips to home upgrades, visit our site for the information you need to improve your life.