8 Tips to Market Your Mobile App on a Budget

    The benefits of having a mobile app for your business cannot be underestimated.

    Aside from the fact that a mobile app will help your business be more visible and accessible, it also offers you a unique way to gain traction with your customers and thus significantly boost your revenue.

    More so, over 65 percent of small businesses (including your rivals) and almost all big brand companies have developed a mobile app. And with the mobile app market expected to surpass $100 billion in value in the next few years, it’s only wise for you as a business owner to add this amazing technology to your repertoire.

    However, with over 2.6 million apps on the Google Play store and a further 2.4 million on the Apple App Store, there’s no denying that beating the competition to get to the front of potential customers can be very challenging, especially if you’re a small business owner with limited funds.

    Additionally, 50% of mobile apps in the Google Play store fail to get even one download and of the apps that receive decent downloads, 80% drop off in the first week. The good news though, is that, with the right strategies, you can market your mobile app successfully to your customers without having to break the bank. Without much ado, let’s take you through 8 tips to market your mobile app on a budget:

    Target a narrow segment of the app market

    One of the common mistakes most app owners make is that they create apps that are somewhat similar to dozens of other apps. Trying to improve on an existing app’s concept will not only cost you thousands of dollars in marketing but will also reduce your chances of succeeding because you would be competing with already established apps to grab a big chunk of the market. However, by focusing on a narrow segment of the app market, you will be able to reach out to your target audience without having to spend a lot. For example, if you are targeting hardcore android gaming fans, get in front of the right audience to increase your chances of success.

    Make use of your social media

    The immensity of social media in today’s digital world is no longer news. In fact, according to Statista, 77 percent of people living in the United States had a social media profile, while the number is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020 across the globe. As such, social media should be your number one destination if you’re looking to promote your mobile app to a large audience. However, to get the right results from your social media app promotion, it is important that you follow the right strategies. These include:

    •      Using eye-catching visuals
    •      Using paid-ads (The more granular your targeting, the more marketing budget you’ll save and the greater your downloads will be).
    •      Encouraging user-generated contents
    •      Seeking out reviews and ratings
    •      Understanding the advantages of different social media platforms

    Promote your app on your website

    Your website offers you a powerful medium to market your app with little or no price. This is even better if you already have an established number of visitors to your website. All you need to do is write an article about your app and how they can benefit from it. Another proven way to achieve this is by locating the link to your app in strategic spots on your site

    And if you’ve included email marketing in your online strategy over time, this is the right time to pitch your new app to your email lists.

    Explore influencer marketing

    One great tactic to get thousands of downloads without spending much is by working with influencers. Consider how much influence your favourite celebrities have had on you over the years. This will give you an estimate of how much you can gain by getting in touch with the right influencers. In fact, according to an article on ComboApp, 33 percent of app users say they downloaded an app because it was recommended by people they trust or follow online.

    If you’re just starting with influencer marketing, check out this guide from Digital Authority or this guide from Monetize Magazine.

    Thankfully, with platforms like KloutBuzzsumoClarityTwitter, and Instagram, you do not need to stress yourself before find the right influencer that aligns with your goals and budget.

    App Store Optimization – ASO

    If you’re looking to succeed in the mobile app market without having to waste thousands of dollars on marketing, then App Store Optimization is a must. ASO is essentially a marketing technique for improving the visibility/ranking of a mobile app in an app store. This technique ensures that you get high-quality traffic and conversion to your Android or iOS app for free. However, unlike the other tips, ASO requires a critical understanding of how the mobile app stores work, the target user base, and how to optimize app’s keywords to reflect the needs of your ideal customers.

    Make use of app review sites

    Getting your mobile app reviewed on a respected, well-trafficked site is another awesome way to get thousands of downloads on your app without spending much. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites that are targeted at reviewing apps like yours so that your app can get in front of a whole new audience. These app review websites allow you to submit your app details, including the description, landing page URL, funding information, owner details, etc, to their website usually for free. To get proper results, we recommend that you test your app for crashes and bugs before submitting it on any of these review sites. Getting a negative review on an app review site will most likely put you in a worse position than you were initially in. We are certain you wouldn’t want this!

    Word of mouth

    According to a Google-Ipsos survey, 52% of awareness for apps comes from word of mouth. It’s only wise for you take advantage of this free tactic. You can reach out to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to promote your app on their social media pages. Be sure you to ask them for unbiased reviews after they have downloaded and used the app.

    Offer incentives to your audience

    Everyone loves incentives. It won’t be a bad thing if you can give free stuff to people who download and use your mobile app. In fact, it will more likely spur them to use the app more and market your app to their friends, family and colleagues. The gifts do not have to be costly stuffs. It may be basic things like free access to your premium service for a limited period, free birthday shoutouts on your social media page or unlimited discounts on first purchases.

    By following these 8 tips, you won’t only be able to successfully promote your mobile app to the right audience, but you will also be able to do so irrespective of your budget constraints.