Ayal Kleinman Is a Beacon of the Industry

    The music industry is changing quickly and Ayal Kleinman knows this. Furthermore, he has worked hard to make sure that his clients are at the forefront of this change. He has nearly 20 years of experience as a marketer at numerous record labels and has decided to open up his own marketing agency. While he might be going out on his own for the first time, he is already one of the best-respected producers in the fie

    Ayal Kleinman spent nine years with Warner Bros. as the SVP of marketing. During that time, he oversaw and lot of marketing campaigns for numerous artists and helped some of the top artists in the world today to become household names. While has was at Warner Bros., he was able to convince the company to embrace a new app called TikTok. While TikTok is one of the most popualr apps in the world today, Ayal Kleinman was one of the first people to recognize the future of this app. He was able to use this app to help young artists put their music in front of as many people as possible.

    Ayal Kleinman was able to use his talents to progress the careers of numerous artists including Lukas Graham, Jason Derulo, and Andra Day. He continues to use the innovative tactics of TikTok to help other artists become household names as well. Recently, he broke YFN Lucci’s new track “Wet” on Tik Tok, where it had more than 8 million Tik Tok creates. He was also able to use his skills with this app to help Rod Wave’s new track “Rags2Riches” become a major hit as well. Clearly, Ayal Kleinman has demonstrated that he has the ability to take just about any artist with the drive and talent and place their music in front of their fans.

    Now, Ayal Kleinman is helping major labels, indie labels, and individual artists with their marketing campaigns using numerous platforms. While Ayal Kleinman is known for his skills with TikTok, Ayal Kleinman is also skilled with YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. He knows that in order for an artist to be successful in this field, they have to be able to leverage these platforms to create a well-rounded marketing campaign.

    Ayal Kleinman is one of the most experienced producers in this field and he has already helped some of the top artists in the field, including Akon, produce numerous albums. Now, he is opening up his own marketing agency to continue to help artists adapt to the changing expectations of their fans. It will be exciting to see what Ayal Kleinman does for his clients at his new marketing agency.