Champion Tuff Nov 2020: Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    If you are taking on the ambitious adventure of running your own commercial kitchen, then you need to know what your kitchen requires to be functional and successful. The kitchen is where literal magic happens: ingredients are crafted into beautiful dishes that bring great profits when done correctly. Your only concern is ensuring that your commercial kitchen has the equipment that you need in the first place.

    As the kitchen is the center of the home, it’s also the center of any food business. A kitchen is the equipment that makes it; after all, without the right commercial grills and appliances, you cannot call it a kitchen at all! 

    You may have to whip up several different cuisines and use a range of technical cooking skills, and so from the right pans, cookware, freezers and grills to the right food storage, you can ensure that your kitchen works properly.

    You want reliable tools and appliances that can withstand the rush of customers clamoring to taste what you are cooking. You want to be able to deliver quality, and it starts with what you invest in for your kitchen. 

    So, what does your commercial kitchen need?

    Cooking Equipment

    • Oven
    • Grill/charbroiler
    • Range
    • Pots, Pans, Knives, etc.

    It may seem obvious, but every commercial kitchen needs to have the right equipment to cook with. This includes the tools, like pots and pans, and the appliances, like oven and range. You can’t cook without these!

    With your cooking equipment, you’ll also need workspaces where cooks can prepare ingredients. This adds knives and cutting boards to your supply list.

    Cooling Equipment

    • Refrigerator
    • Freezer

    As well as the right cooking equipment, you need to ensure that you have the right cooling equipment. Food safety regulations dictate that raw ingredients need to be kept at certain temperatures, so you’ll need cold storage in order to be compliant with health codes. 

    Fresh food starts with safe storage, so you’ll want to get the right cooling equipment for your kitchen. You’ll probably want to find energy-efficient appliances, to keep electricity bills low and minimize your carbon footprint at the same time. 

    Cleaning Equipment

    • Dishwasher
    • Sink

    Sanitation is a crucial aspect of restaurant life. Cross-contamination is a huge risk in a kitchen space, so you’ll need both processes and equipment to keep it clean. Staff and guests will both thank you for the effort to which you go to for a clean, healthy space.

    Every single commercial kitchen should be efficiently stocked with the right cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe to be around food. Cleaning and hygiene is all-important right now, but for a commercial kitchen, it’s so vital for the success of your premises. 

    Safety Equipment

    • Kitchen hood
    • First aid kit
    • Floor mats

    Another thing that your commercial kitchen needs is safety equipment. Kitchens are hot, busy and messy, and often, they are full of people. This can lead to some issues in safety. 

    To ensure proper ventilation, you’ll need a range hood. You’ll also want rubber floor mats to prevent slipping and a first aid kit for common injuries like burns and cuts.

    Other Considerations

    Your exact supply list depends on a few different factors. First, how big is your kitchen? Your kitchen size may be limited, so you’ll need to choose appliances that fit well and can function in your given space. 

    Also, you’ll want to choose equipment based on the kind of food you will be cooking and serving. If you’re going for juicy steaks with grill lines, you can’t do without a charbroiler!

    Without the right commercial kitchen equipment, you cannot maintain the right food safety and consistent quality standards that you’re aiming for.