Choosing the Right Table Lamp

    The moment you involve yourself in the decoration of your house, you realize that every little detail counts. Enabling you to notice a big difference. Although the setting, style and theme of the room defines it, the lighting sets the ambiance and creates the mood you prefer. In short, lighting has a very deep impact on the appearance of a room. Changing a space that is uncomfortable and boring to one that is comfortable and cozy. A few fixed lights add a charm, just like the functions of a table lamp.

    Table lamps are considered to be one of the prevalent means of lighting in the house. There are tons of beautiful, and attractive lamps available today, making it hard to choose the right one. Whether you should get a bedside lamp, a buffet lamp or any other kind, below are some tips that would help you in making the right decision. Priorities your needs before shopping and you will love your lamp for years.

    The Right Size

    The trickiest part when it comes to selecting a brand new lampe for your house are the measurements. The d├ęcor and size of the room determines the kind of lamp that needs to be picked. However, it is not very difficult to do so. If you have a bedside table that is tall, consider getting a short lamp of course and the opposite would look good with a shorter table. The main reason behind this is that the bottom shade of the lamp should be at the level of your eye, when you are resting or seated. This tip works when you are looking for a lamp for your bedside table, study room and coffee table next to your sofa in the living room.

    The Perfect Spot

    Find out where you want to keep your lamp and measure the exact height it will be seated on. Determine its distance from your bed, sofa or table. It is wise to first buy the table you would be keeping it on and later investing in the lamp, to avoid any misfits, or vice versa. Avoid buying both things at once and setting it afterwards. Moreover, you might not need your lamp to be as luminous as the one you already own in some other corner of the house. Choose according to your needs.


    The most common norm when it comes to backdrops is something that is neutral, without any color. Most homes are devoid of colorful walls and furniture, which gives you the perfect opportunity to buy a lamp that would add color to your home. Capri bottle lamps are delightful and multicolored, giving your house the hues, you require. However, if you want a lamp that is elegant and classy, choose a sparkling one, in the shades of gold and metallic glitter.

    The Diameter

    Another thing that needs to be considered is the shade and size of the lamp. Do not get caught in the alluring design and pattern of the lamp. Look at the proportions of the shade and body of the lamp very carefully. The lamp shade should be a minimum of two inches smaller than the body of the lamp. The safest option in such a situation is the drum shade, because the narrower the base, the lesser the illuminated area would be.


    Mixing and matching does not always work. The table lamp that you purchase needs to coordinate with the attire of the room you will keep it in. the lamp should not only match the style, instead it should blend in with the existing lights as well.