Concrete: A Timeless Building Material

    Everywhere you look there is concrete; roads, bridges, and buildings as far as the eye can see, and they are all made from concrete. This extremely versatile material is made from Portland cement, sand, and coarse aggregates, all of which are mixed with the right amount of water to produce a mixture that can be poured into a form, which is then left to set.

    Coloured Concrete

    Gone are the days when concrete came in one color; grey. Now you can order any color that you like, and by pre-mixing the color, you are assured of an even color throughout the batch, which is ideal for driveways and terraces.

    Additional Strength

    Concrete does require some additional strengthening, which comes in the form of steel rebar, which is inserted into the area prior to pouring the concrete mix. If you are looking for a steel rebar in Australia, check out the range at, which happens to be a major rebar supplier with an extensive range of products, all at affordable prices. Rebar can be of varying thickness, from 4-50mm diameter, depending on the type of work, plus you can get steel reinforced mesh, which is commonly used with driveways and patios.

    Ready Mixed Concrete

    People rarely mix concrete by hand, as this is both time-consuming and very hard work, and regardless of the size or scope of your project, you can call a local ready mixed concrete supplier and they will deliver and pour the concrete into the pre-set form. This is much more convenient than having to use many workmen with wheelbarrows, and the concrete truck has a flexible pipe and it can pump the mix right into the area you are filling.

    Polished Concrete

    This is a relatively new finish and is ideal for modern or contemporary homes, with the finish prepared with polishing machines that run over the surface of the hard concrete, using water to lubricate the abrasion process. Polished concrete is ideal for interior flooring and there are many fine examples in Australia that highlight the diversity of polished concrete. Of course, concrete is widely used in industry, as it is very durable, and with varying consistencies, floors are often concreted.

    Tiled Concrete

    It is possible to create a tiled look with concrete and this is achieved by scoring the hard surface with a diamond-tipped cutter, making the concrete look like it is tiled and not poured. This is a treatment that is popular for driveways and terraces and it really does look like the surface is tiled, plus there are other finishes available.

    Concrete has certainly made a comeback with home décor and it pairs nicely with hardwood, giving smooth, straight lines, if you would like to use this versatile material to improve your home, contact a local supplier who can show you some of the many options. It’s safe, inexpensive, looks stunning, and lasts for many years and with the right concept, concrete has a place in home décor.