Consider UV Protected Poster Frames to Look After your Photos

    Do you have an experience of one of your most valued posters or photographs fade away over time and disappear? Even the brilliant prints and colours may face over time. It is not a welcoming affair, and you may want to protect your images and posters with proper framing and protection. It is worth considering poster frames with an extra protective layer to keep your posters look fresh and long-lasting. You may have heard of options like UV acrylics and conservation glass etc., but are they less expensive and easier to use? Let us start with some basics of it.

    Using UV protected frames to care for your posters and photos

    Here are some of the harmful elements and ways to protect your poster frames from the same.

    1. Ultraviolet (UV) light – these come from direct sunlight or reflected sunlight. UV rays act as an invisible band of harsh light that can cause sunburn and accounts for most of the fading of any object exposed to it.
    2. Heat – Again, primary from the sun and other sources like heat ducts and other such things. These can have a direct adverse impact on the photographs and may cause fading and damage.
    3. Visible light – Most visible light rays the UV rays, lamps, and another light source. These may also sometimes cause harm to the printed posters.
    4. Dust, grease particles, moisture, and humidity in the air, etc. Oxygen may sometimes cause decay of the paper composition and pigments etc.

    Protection using good frames

    You need to limit exposure to UV and light damage by using a proper UV-treated frame. There are many products available out there that will help reduce the among of fading of your posters. However, no product will not eliminate fading completely, so it is vital to see the ratings and choose a frame product that claims to reduce at least 95% of the harmful radiation, if not 99%. Framing products may vary in cost, strengths, percentage of protection offered, scratch resistance, ease of installation, warrant and cleaning aspects, etc.

    Popular framing options

    • Conservation glass

    Different types of conservation glasses may effectively block 97% of UV rays and greener tint than regular glass frames. These tints may not be visible while placed inside a frame and is also unnoticeable for anyone except having a trained eye. Another option is glass with reflection control.

    • Plexiglas with UV filter

    This product comes with various admirable attributes. Plexiglas clam to block 99% of damaging UV rays and comes at half the clear glass cost. These are also known as childproof frames. However, Plexiglas’ downside is that it may easily be scratched and need special to clean up.

    Some other choices to make in UR-protected poster frames are spray-on acrylic, picture shield insert, etc. You can find many such combinations at the online stores and quickly compare the price and features to choose the best option for you. Once you have decided which frame to use, you can compare the features and pricing offered by different providers and see the customer feedback to get an adequate understanding of the quality.