Disposable Gloves for Medical Use – Understanding Each Option

    Medical professionals at all levels of the spectrum use disposable gloves while at work. They are a mandatory piece of equipment that keeps them and their patients safe at all times. When you work in the medical industry, it is vitally important to wear the right type of gloves to protect your hands and your health. Disposable medical gloves are used by all kinds of health professionals from first responders to dentists to doctors.

    Here are some things you should know before purchasing medical gloves from a supplier.

    Disposable Medical Gloves

    When speaking to a latex gloves supplier or any other specialist company that manufactures medical gloves, you must first understand the difference between the gloves. When it comes to the medical industry, disposable gloves generally fall into two categories – exam gloves or surgical gloves. Both of these gloves are not the same as surgical gloves need to be more advanced for obvious reasons.

    When purchasing disposable gloves from a supplier, you must talk to them about your needs to ensure you are buying the right product. The products you buy must be specialised to provide the users from disease and bodily fluids. Exam gloves should be comfortable to ensure patients do not get uneasy during examinations or testing.

    Types of Material

    There is not just one type of material when it comes to disposable medical gloves, the most common are latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Latex gloves are the most well-known and they have been used by medical professionals in all areas for many years.

    Manufacturers of disposable medical gloves continue to innovate and just as complex breakthroughs in the medical industry change the landscape, so do simple developments in manufacturing techniques and material usage.

    • Latex Gloves – This type of material is used in a range of other industries and not just the medical field. They are durable, flexible, and biodegradable. They are generally used in high-risk infectious situations as they provide an excellent protective barrier.
    • Vinyl – This material is good for low-risk tasks and it may be worn in less tactile work. Although they are useful, they are generally less durable than latex and they protect less protection.
    • Nitrile – Because some patients have latex allergies, medical personnel need to change material and wear something other than latex. This material is highly robust which makes it excellent for handling sharp objects and instruments.

    Types of Gloves

    When buying disposable medical gloves, you can opt for powdered or unpowdered. Powdered gloves have become more popular as they are easier to take off and put on because the powder acts as a lubricant. Non-powdered gloves can be quite sticky and sometimes frustrating to use. When choosing medical gloves, try to learn more about this vital piece of personal protective equipment.

    When deciding between latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves, it is best to learn about each material and choose one which is best for your environment. Each of the materials mentioned in this article has its pros and cons, so it is up to the wearer to select one that is best for them.