Dual Diagnosis: How Emotional Pain Feeds Addiction

    Unstable mental health is one of the main causes for people moving to substance abuse to find the temporary and instant relief. The treatment, hence, should also start with healing and work on stabilizing the emotional health of the person.

    It is not easy to change someone’s thinking especially when they are addicted, as they are often happy in that state. But, the feelings, the emotions, and the pain are there underneath all the happiness and calm state that they show under the effect of alcohol or drugs and needs a lot of counseling, medication and other means of treatment.

    Emotional Pain

    While these are the common methods, the exact treatment process is customized based on the person’s level of mental health and type of substance disorders, their behavior and the time they take to respond to the treatment.  What you should understand is that mental health issues and emotional pains need to be treated on time. They kill a person from the inside and can cause a dangerous situation for the victim as well as their near and dear ones in the future. Therefore, it is important to explore all available options, and one effective choice is to try an alternative treatment approach, for which you can find support and assistance from places like www.beachway.com.

    What Is Alternative Therapy?

    The first important question to answer is – what are the alternative recovery methods for addiction? These are the methods that follow a comprehensive program for healing. Therapies like acupuncture, yoga, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, pet therapy, meditation, biochemical restoration, horticulture therapy, art therapy and so on are the complementary therapies that help the brain muscles relax.

    Slowly, as the brain chemistry involved in addiction changes, the biochemical imbalances reduce and come to a normal level. The mind becomes free from cravings and other emotional reasons for addiction, and the person can feel happier. Alternative treatments are good to use along with the traditional therapy used for treatment to enhance the effect of the overall treatment procedure.

    Emotional Pain

    Diet And Exercise For Addiction Recovery

    A new type of treatment that is becoming popular due to its effectiveness is the biochemical restoration. This method replenishes and enriches the body with the necessary biochemicals through the right nutrition plans, supplements, exercise and relaxation techniques.

    Many addicts suffer from poor eating habits that can lead to liver or brain damage, pancreatitis and in women, it can cause problems during pregnancy.

    A healthy diet combined with exercise is the best way to treat any addiction and that too with no side-effects whatsoever. This balance will also lessen the withdrawal symptoms. Exercising can give the necessary stamina to the body as well as to remove any stress or frustration from the mind. Physical activity also releases endorphins that reduce pain and enhance happiness. Walking, jogging, cycling can help a lot in recovery from addiction.