Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

    Finding the best engagement ring can be a challenge for any man. If you do not know where to begin your search, you may end up frustrated and disappointed in the end. However, your experience does not have to be a bad one. Here are tips on everything you need to know about engagement rings.

    Work with a realistic budget

    One of the mistakes which most men make when buying a wedding ring is not setting out their budget at the very beginning. While your lady will appreciate the meaning behind any ring you offer her on her engagement, money plays a major role in deciding what exactly to get her. While there are no set rules on how much you should spend on an engagement ring, experts will tell you that deciding on a budget early can give you more flexibility to choose something within your financial reach. If you approach a jeweler with a budget, they can help you pick a ring by suggesting bands and gemstones within your budget range. Working with your budget may also involve compromising on the ring size or choosing another gemstone.

    Selecting the ring style

    One of the difficult things you may have to do as a man is choosing a ring style knowing that your future wife will wear it for a long time to come. The pressure on the man is always the fear that their lady will not like their ring choice. In order to avoid any awkward moments when you propose, consider getting the ring style right. If your significant other wears rings often, this could be a good start for you. Knowing which kind of jewelry style she always gravitates towards can help you choose a ring in the same style. If you cannot figure this out, you have to be careful to get hints from her or her girlfriends on what she likes. Some men usually go a step further and stalk their lady’s social media. If she is on Pinterest, for example, chances are that she has a board on her jewelry preferences. If you are little pressed for time, you can always rely on jewelry experts to choose for you.

    Choose a stone

    The most common gemstones for engagement rings are diamond and sapphire. While these are more conventional, knowing what your future wife prefers is paramount. Some ladies do not like diamonds while some would love to have one for their engagement. It is important to note that the size of the stone will also affect its price. Choosing the color of the stone is equally important. Sapphire comes with a wide variety of color options, including deep blue, yellow, and pink. The shape of the stone must also be put into consideration. If you decide to go with diamond, the 4Cs are critical – the cut, clarity, color, and carat.

    Choosing the jeweler

    Buying an engagement ring, just like choosing wedding leis, or the perfect venue requires tact. You cannot just get this service from anyone. A professional jeweler with experience in making custom engagement rings is your best bet. They can guarantee the quality of your ring as well as offer you professional advice before you settle on a specific ring.