Exciting Christmas Gifts for Teens

    Buying christmas gifts is difficult at the best of times, even for people you know well and care about. But perhaps the hardest group of all to buy for is teens – their interests are ever changing, they tend to be quite closed off about their lives, and it’s hard to know what they’ll enjoy or use.

    But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get them something positive and be a part of making sure they have a good christmas. While it might be hard to get them a gift they’ll remember forever, there are a few ideas out there that you can try to get them something that they will at least enjoy. Here, we’ve listed a few below.

    1. Skates

    A lot of 80s style things are making a comeback at the moment, perhaps because of Stranger Things, and right there in the middle of the mix is roller skating. This means that some roller skates could be a great gift idea for a teen, especially one who enjoys getting out and about or loves being active. Hopefully they will have some friends with skates as well, and they can enjoy this hobby together!

    1. Games

    Choosing the right game will depend on the teen, and it’s important to discuss these things with the appropriate parents before buying something rated 18 – but video games are a great idea for a teen who you know loves gaming. It might even be a fun idea to pick an unusual game. This way you avoid buying them something well known that they may already have, and who knows, you may start off a new obsession!

    1. Vouchers

    When you really don’t know what they enjoy or would like as a gift, it can be a great idea to get them one of those vouchers that can be spent in a variety of places so that they can get themselves something that they will really enjoy, rather than having to pretend they enjoy something you got them just for the sake of it.

    1. Subscriptions

    Many things come on subscription services now, and it might be a fun and popular idea to offer to pay for a year subscription or a couple of months subscription if you can’t afford a whole year. This could be for something like Netflix, or even something educational like Duolingo if they’ve expressed an interest in language learning.

    1. Experiences

    If you would like to spend some more time with the recipient, you could buy tickets for something for you to go and see together, or even something for them to go and do with their friends – since teens are all about their social lives. This could be a great way to get them something they’ll enjoy that they don’t have to store except in their memories!

    Buying appropriate gifts for teens can be a real challenge, no matter how close you are to them or how much you care. However, that’s no excuse not to at least try – and hopefully at least one of these ideas will have given you some inspiration. Though not all these suggestions will be appropriate for your loved ones, we’re sure that at least some of these suggestions will give you a board to jump off of.