Genucel Partners With Women Aware To Raise Funds For Domestic Abuse Shelter

    Even though relationships are supposed to be fulfilling the reality is sometimes not as ideal as one would like them to be. Domestic abuse might be a hard topic to deal with, especially for those who have gone through it at the hands of their significant other. Research shows that every twenty seconds, on average, someone in the United States is undergoing some form of abuse at the hand of their domestic partner or someone they are living with. This kind of violence is not one that is only limited to one particular gender. Men and women can both experience domestic abuse, and the number of women experiencing this is significantly higher than that of men.

    New Jersey is one location, in particular, that has a higher rate as compared to other states. Research shows that every seven seconds, someone within the state is experiencing some form of domestic abuse. Because of this, the need for reform is extremely pertinent in the state. The Women Aware organization was formed with the aim of helping people within the state who are going through domestic abuse and don’t have anyone to turn to.

    The Woman Aware shelter has worked hard towards providing rehabilitation for women and children living in New Jersey since the 1980s. A large number of people who experience domestic abuse don’t have substantial financial backing to be able to support themselves. Leaving their abuser behind often means leaving the essentials that they need. Providing these victims with the necessities in these instances becomes an integral part of the rehabilitation process, and the money that Women Aware raises are often used towards the betterment of the lives of the victims who come to them for help.

    A Consistent Effort Towards Positive Change

    Genucel is one company that has been working with Women Aware to be able to offer their support to those who have been victims of domestic abuse. As part of their efforts, the company hosts an annual Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Run and Charity Walk with the aim of raising money and awareness to help the organization and their efforts. Over the years, the company has managed to raise thousands of dollars towards this cause and has been successful in helping victims who are in need. They aim to be able to provide good care and rehabilitation to victims so that they can start their lives afresh on a positive footing.

    The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Run and Charity Walk is considered to be one of the most important events for the Women Aware because of the funds that they are able to raise. The previous Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Run and Charity Walk had hundreds of participants who each donated towards the cause and in support of domestic abuse victims. The race also saw a good amount of media coverage, further raising awareness about the issues of domestic abuse and a reminder that there is always a place that victims can go to for help.

    Genucel has always believed in evoking positive change in society. The company has always been working towards relief measures to victims, with domestic abuse being one of the main causes that they like to work towards. Genucel has worked with Woman Aware in particular in the past and has regularly donated to the organization so that they could set up shelters and provide the victims with all that they need. Additionally, the brand also prepares regular beauty kits and offers basic toiletries to the people who approach the shelters for help. These simple acts have managed to have a substantial impact on those who are in need and is something that more brands should be looking to offer.