Greensboro Pest Problems-Solved

    Solving pest problems in Greensboro is possible with a plan of action in place. The plan includes frequent inspections of your home, inside and out, making repairs to the home to deter access, using natural products to help eliminate pests, and knowing when to secure professional help from a licensed pest control company. 

    Most Common North Carolina Pests

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    In North Carolina, there are more than a few pest species in the state, with several considered the most common. These include ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, ticks and fleas, rodents, and termites. Each pest brings its own specific problems for homeowners to contend with. 

    Several ant species are common such as house ants, Argentine ants, black ants, pavement ants, fire ants, and pharaoh ants. Bed bugs are a top contender as a common pest problem in the state. 

    Cockroaches are unsanitary pests that eat just about anything. They are known carriers of germs and bacteria. While spiders can be problematic, and two are dangerous — the black widow and the brown recluse — they also play an important role in the ecosystem. 

    Always on the hunt for food, rodents can create a hazard due to their interest in chewing, including your home’s electrical wiring. Termite damage can also lead to costly repairs. Many times, a termite infestation goes undetected until significant damage is done to the structure. 

    Whether indoors or outdoors, ticks and fleas are a nuisance for pets and humans. The two types in North Carolina are the Ctenocephalides Felis and Ctenocephalides canis. The C. Felis, or cat flea, have a long survival rate. 

    Solutions Options

    With the numerous over-the-counter pest control products available, homeowners have the option of dealing with pests on their own. While many products do a good job for the moment, some pests require long-term treatments to eliminate current colonies and prevent the pest from returning. 

    Some pests, such as bed bugs, termites, and ants, need treatments with products not available to the general public. Also, not only do the visible pests need to be removed, but homeowners must also find the source of their colony. Otherwise, the pest will continue to thrive.

    For immediate and consistent help with the removal of pests inside and outside the home, homeowners can rely on the specialized services offered by a pest control company. With a one-time or monthly service plan, homeowners do not have to worry about identifying, finding, or eliminating pests on their own. Plus, a reputable pest control company offers a guarantee for its services.

    Professional Pest Solutions

    Pest control Greensboro options include the services of professional pest control technicians experienced in identifying pests and treating the problem safely and efficiently. From the home inspection to the recommended treatment solution, a professional service handles an infestation from start to finish plus offers plans for continued inspections and treatments to ensure a pest-free environment. 

    With the right solution in place, whether it’s a new pest situation or an established infestation, homeowners can keep their property in a safe and healthy condition for family, friends, and pets throughout the seasons.