Here’s What to Do With a Load of Unexpected Cash

    While money tends to reach us in a relatively mundane way (such as working for it), sometimes we get it in unexpected ways. While most of us don’t have an estranged millionaire uncle ready to drop an inheritance in our laps, some of us could experience a few lucky windfalls.

    For one, consider what happens the night you get lucky gambling. When you’re enjoying RV Parks in North Bend, OR and the nearby Mill Casino, you might end up with a lot more money you expected. You were on vacation, gambling for fun — but what happens when you end up with a few thousand dollars you weren’t planning for?

    Another way to end up with a windfall is a personal injury case. If you’re injured in a car accident or work accident, Morristown, NJ Personal Injury Attorneys can help you get the financial compensation you need. Often, a lawyer’s skill leaves you with more money than you need for your medical bills. When you have a little left over, what do you do with it?

    Your first thought might be to put it in the bank. Saving the extra money for later is a noble goal, and if you have debt, using the windfall to pay some off is probably your best move. If you’re not in debt, however, and your savings account is fine, you might want to consider something a little more fun.

    So what fun thing could you do with your windfall? Here are a few ideas. While they’re all enjoyable, they’re also useful and proven to provide lasting results.

    Take a Vacation

    Did you know that vacations make you healthier? The right trip can lower your stress levels and provide you with memories to last a lifetime. There’s a reason kids report family vacations as being among their happiest memories. Experiences are an expense that keep you smiling for a long time. (Unlike that pair of shoes you never wear.) You can surf Hawaii or hike in India; but wherever you go for your trip, you’ll find that a bucket list vacation is among the best uses of your money. Not only will the trip reduce stress and increase your productivity at work, you’ll be able to say you’ve been to the Taj Mahal or to London, or have eaten sushi in Japan. That kind of experience will provide happiness for years.

    Remodel Your Home

    Most Americans remodel their home at one time or another, but staying out debt to do so is best. If you’ve got some remodelling dreams, you could use your windfall to cover the cost. If you’ve been waiting to turn your outdated kitchen into a warm, modern gathering place, start researching what changes your windfall would cover. You might not have enough to redo your kitchen completely, with new gas hookups or electrical wiring, but you might have enough to repaint the cupboards, update the countertops with granite, and have a wall torn down. Talk to some professionals and see what you can to improve the look of your kitchen, from new floor tiles to gorgeous custom lights made from perforated tubing.

    Take a Class

    When you improve your mind, you never waste time or money. If there’s a hobby you’ve been wanting to start, such as painting, Irish dancing, theater, or guitar-playing, you could use your windfall to invest in lessons. Once you learn a skill, you can enjoy it for the rest of your life, so a class is a worthwhile use of time, tool. After a few months of classical guitar lessons, you should be able to take yourself even further with practice. Once you gain some painting skills and secrets of the trade, you’ll be able to hang pieces that make you proud, or even start selling your work on the side.

    Get Healthy

    You never waste your money when you invest in your lifespan. Getting healthy now can change your future, so investing in a treadmill, a fitness trainer, or a diet change could be rewarding. Talk to your doctor about the issues you struggle with, and see what methods you could use to improve them. You may want to commit to an exercise routine to lose weight and get in shape. You may want to look into special treatments for a health concern, or pay to have your health anomalies diagnosed.

    Buy Lasting Electronics

    Sometimes, you don’t have enough extra money to pay extensive medical bills or go on vacation, but you’ve got enough to give yourself a bonus. That’s when you should consider investing in electronics around the home. A top-quality laptop would last longer. An updated home entertainment set could give your family the benefits of new technology, such as streaming and surround-sound music during the day. Long-lasting electronics, especially things you use every day, such as your phone, laptop, or TV, are always a worthwhile investment.

    Buy Lasting Appliances

    The same goes for your appliances: If you can afford to get top quality models, they’re a worthwhile home investment. If you didn’t have a dishwasher before, a small kitchen remodel and a new dishwasher can save you plenty of dishwashing time; a good quality dishwasher will last for years. Even small kitchen appliances, such as a bread maker, food processor, blender, or waffle iron, are worthwhile purchases, especially if they save you time.

    Upgrade Your Professional Game

    And you could use your windfall to improve things at work as well. If there’s certification you want to get to improve your degree, such as a SHRM-CP for HR, you could use the windfall to take the classes, buy the study materials, and cover the cost of the test. A certification is usually expensive, but it tends to increase your job potential and salary. Besides certifications, you can make small adjustments to your professional life as well: even a few new pairs of shoes, better work clothes, or a more flattering haircut could help you appear more professional. Studies show that being attractive improves your chances of getting hired, and people tend to take attractive people more seriously. If you want to command the workplace, a few appearance upgrades won’t hurt.

    You wouldn’t want to risk your windfall on a crazy business venture and end up with none of it. If you want to use your money and continue to enjoy its reward, invest in something that will keep providing joy.