How an IT Assessment Can Benefit Your Business

    If you run a business, then you will inevitably have to make IT infrastructure and security decisions. The problem is, especially in a small business, the person in charge of these decisions usually isn’t an IT expert.

    One of the most important things you can do to ensure you’re keeping your business secure and as productive as possible, especially when going through major changes (like switching to working remotely) or making IT decisions, is to get a professional IT assessment. 

    When your IT is assessed, you can receive a comprehensive report with informed recommendations from an experienced company to help you resolve security vulnerabilities, procedural inefficiencies, network slowdowns, and other frustrating nuisances. 

    Here are three ways an IT assessment could benefit your company.

    Equip Your Team for Remote Work

    Even if you’ve had an IT assessment in the past, the pandemic has changed and is still changing the way business is conducted. Many businesses have transitioned to remote work (when possible), and more are following.

    If you have transitioned your team to remote work arrangements without having a full IT assessment done, then there are likely vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that you’ve overlooked that are affecting your company right now.

    Even if you haven’t begun the switch yet, as remote work options become available for more and more positions and companies, this will become an option your company will likely want to consider. An IT assessment can help you gauge your readiness to send employees to work from home and determine what IT solutions you would need to put in place.

    Boost Efficiency

    Too often, organizations get stuck in one pattern of operating simply because that’s the way it’s always been done. Even if your processes are vastly inefficient, this may not be directly noticeable to someone who’s been taught to follow them from day one. That’s why an outside opinion can help you see your business more clearly and recognize systems that need updating.

    An IT assessment can help point out processes and systems that are out of date and that ultimately slow you down. For example, if employees are spending lots of time switching back and forth between tasks or emailing files to each other and waiting for feedback, a unified communications system could streamline processes and help employees save time by providing an organized platform to house all communications and enable better collaboration.

    Because of how rapidly technology is advancing, you may not even know that a solution exists for a problem you have. That’s why the help of an expert who’s up to date with current business technology is essential.

    Be Proactive Against Cyber Threats

    No business is out of the reach of the malicious cyber criminals who target unsuspecting companies. In fact, hackers often target small businesses because they are less likely to have strong cybersecurity measures in place.

    When you get an IT assessment, you can gain peace of mind from knowing your systems are completely secure. Or, if they aren’t initially, you can be notified of potential weaknesses so that you can patch them before they’re tested by a malicious hacker.

    Because of the many benefits of getting an IT assessment, especially coupled with the ease of getting such an assessment from an IT company in Aurora, there’s no reason not to get an IT assessment for your business right now!