How Are Graduation Cap Tassels Made?

    If you’ve wondered, “How are graduation cap tassels made?” then you’re not alone. The graduation cap gown tassel is a common accessory made of various materials. For example, you can purchase permanent adhesive vinyl and make your tassel or tie it with embroidery floss. You can even get paper in single sheets at your local craft store and decorate your tassel with a favorite character or hobby.

    Tie a graduation cap tassel with embroidery floss

    If your daughter is graduating from college, you can make her graduation cap tassel using embroidery floss. To make a tassel, you will need two strands of embroidery floss, each about four inches long. Thread one strand of floss through the looped end and tie it around the perimeter of the tassel. It would help if you left about an inch of tassel hanging over the side of the graduation cap.

    First, cut one 18″ piece of embroidery floss in half. Next, place one end in the notch and the other in the loop, creating a two-inch loop. Then, cut the remaining strands into two-inch-long pieces. Next, place the ends of the tassel in the notch and tie them in a double knot. Continue doing this until the tassel is fully formed, but keep the loose ends of the tassel strands open. Repeat the process for the remaining six-inch piece.

    After cutting the strands of tassel yarn, wrap them around the middle. Once the middle section of the tassel has been wrapped, bend the tassel and tie it off with another piece of thread. You can use a comb to separate the floss from the thread and fluff it if desired. Once you have completed the process, you will have a graduation cap tassel that matches your graduation hat and makes you look as stylish as you are.

    Make a graduation cap tassel out of permanent adhesive vinyl.

    You can try making your tassel from permanent adhesive vinyl if you’re looking for a quick way to dress up your graduation cap. You can find a design kit for graduation caps online, but this DIY option is much more affordable. Besides, you can add additional embellishments, such as stickers and drawings, to the tassels to create a truly one-of-a-kind cap.

    First, create a circle from the black layer and trace it onto a sheet of cardstock. Next, cut out the circle, making it about 0.5 inches in diameter. You can then use the slice tool to cut out the circle. Next, add design elements to your tassel by placing 3D adhesive dots on the design. Afterward, thread the tassel through the cutout.

    Tie a graduation cap tassel with a ribbon

    Graduates’ most common question is, “How to tie a graduation cap tassel with a ribbon?” The answer depends on the tradition of the school. Many students wear their tassel on the right side of the cap, but some schools direct their graduates to wear their tassel on the left side after receiving the diploma. In these instances, the school wants to emphasize their faces and have the tassel positioned on their left side.

    First, measure the length of the tassel and cut it to your desired length. Next, use a white marking pencil to mark the center of the cap, then insert the long end of the tassel through the loop. Make sure to push the loop over the top button of the cap to create a hole for the graduation tassel to sit on. Then, remove the protective sleeve from the tassel and hold it up to check for tangles.

    After the ceremony, take pictures with your family and friends. The graduation ceremony is an important milestone in your life, and you want it to be memorable. Make sure you dress to impress. Your graduation attire should be formal but add an air of elegance. Your graduation cap is probably the most prominent part of your outfit, so make sure you choose your accessories accordingly. You can even display your grad cap as a reminder of your accomplishments in college.