How Different Niches in Healthcare have been Impacted By Coronavirus

    The world was stunned by the Coronavirus pandemic and its overall impact on daily life. Healthcare has differed in the ways that it has been impacted depending on role with an organization or practice. Healthcare marketers for the most part didn’t have much change besides lower budgets and possible layoffs. Dental practices saw layoffs but many of these jobs will come back as the revenue was simply delayed instead of totally lost. People will still need cleanings and other procedures done with a number of dentists working on weekends to catch up with patient demand. The following are other niches that have been impacted by Coronavirus.

    Telemedicine is Now More Viable in the Public’s Mind

    Telehealth services have changed immensely since their debut as technology has improved. The video clarity is one area that is far better as are the programs to monitor the vitals over the course of time of patients. The drawback has been that a number of people do not want to leave their health up to chance and believe a physical visit is the only option. The restrictions on billing of virtual appointments have made this practice far more prevalent due to the pandemic. People that might have never used telehealth services especially in USA could have tried them and enjoyed the convenience that they offer.

    Certain Niches of Health Were Deemed Unessential

    Working in healthcare usually means that your job stability is second to none. The need for healthcare professionals whether they are nurses or physicians is vast. Dental practices as were mentioned above were deemed unessential for the most part minus the case of emergency procedures being done. Businesses like that of massage therapy were shut down.

    Mental Health Workers are Seeing Patients Remotely

    The need for therapy during this crazy time is unparalleled. Nobody has the answers for what is truly going to happen and the social distancing restrictions are starting to impact the mental health of people negatively. There has been a spike in domestic violence cases as well as suicides during this time as it has also been coupled with a stock market crash and mass job losses. Seeing people virtually can still allow a doctor or therapist to work through issues a person might currently be having.

    Pet Medical Care Practices Saw Losses

    Pet healthcare practices saw losses as only appointments for emergency procedures were accepted. This meant that scheduled surgeries still were performed but foot traffic for checkups/shots stopped. A number of these vets are located with a pet store attached which also saw losses. People are relying on online shopping right now which further decreases the revenue of pet healthcare practices.

    Healthcare Businesses of All Kinds Revamped Marketing

    Businesses took the time that they might have been slow to revamp their marketing strategy. This could include a redesign of the website or even a dedication to creation of content can be important. The approach to marketing might have changed as you want to state that you practice safe measures in terms of social distancing. Different areas of healthcare have been impacted by COVID-19 differently. Healthcare has changed in