How Fashion Nova Helped This Girl’s Dreams Come True

    Mika Osmanovic, a refugee from Bosnia living in the United States, will live to testify to the life-changing impact Fashion Nova, a reputable online fast-fashion brand, made in her life. Mika’s dreams of becoming a dentist were made true by his fashion house. 

    Mika received a whopping $25K to fund her dental school education through Fashion Nova’s philanthropic initiative.

    Fashion Nova finds pride in its selfless community-based initiatives. Recently, this fashion house partnered with Megan Thee Stallion to run a women empowerment project dubbed Women on Top in honor of Women’s History Month, March.

    This philanthropic initiative saw Fashion Nova and Megan extend financial aid to different women-based and female-focused institutions, organizations, and foundations, as well as female students and entrepreneurs.

    The preselected recipients received funding in the form of donations, grants, and scholarships of $25K or more from a donations basket of $1M, and Mika was among the beneficiaries who received $25K.

    Mika is a refugee from Bosnia living in the United States. Her family came to the US when she was only 11 months old. This ambitious young lady is the first person in her family ever to attend college. Being a refugee, Mika’s family didn’t have the financial means to cater to their daughter’s college fees.

    Luckily, Fashion Nova chipped in and offered her a generous donation that would go towards paying her dental school education.

    Mika’s goal is to become a dentist with plans of committing herself to provide selfless care to all her patients, especially those with special needs or from underserved communities. Her plan to offer selfless care and love in the course of her professional career rhymes with Fashion Nova’s mission to give back to the community by serving the minority and underserved.

    Fashion Nova made Mika’s donation public through a post on its official Instagram handle that read “As part of our Women On Top initiative, we’re giving $25,000 grants to inspiring female students pursuing their education.⁠⁠

    ⁠⁠The phenomenal @Mirheta is a future doctor who has just been accepted to the NYU College of Dentistry. Coming to the United States as a refugee from Bosnia, Mika is both the first woman and the first person from her family to attend college. With plans to become a dentist, she plans to commit herself to providing the best care possible to all her patients, especially to people in underserved communities and particularly to individuals with special needs. Her $25,000 grant will go towards funding Mika’s dental school education.”

    Besides Mika, there was a chain of other beneficiaries from the Women on Top whose lives were transformed as the donations and grants pushed them a step closer towards achieving their dreams.

    They include Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Ellaé Lisqué, YWCA Houston, Breonna Taylor Foundation, and Juanita Campbell Rasmus, to mention a few.

    The donation to Mika under the Women on Top initiative follows a series of other generous donations by Fashion Nova that transformed people’s lives. These include the donations to minority Americans adversely affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, where each qualifying individual received $1K.

    Another selfless donation is during the Black Lives Matter campaigns where Fashion Nova donated a whopping $1M to help in the fight against racial inequality and social injustices.

    From helping an aspiring needy girl like Mika Osmanovic achieve her dream of becoming a dentist to supporting disadvantaged Americans affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, Fashion Nova has indeed set the bar high when it comes to giving back to the community.