How is the Cybersecurity Shortage Affecting Small Businesses?

    Small businesses are seeing massive growth due to their presence online. But being online is doing more than opening businesses up to more sales, they are open to cyberattacks that threaten to derail their hard work.

    When did the Shortage Begin?

    In 2017, the beginnings of the cybersecurity shortage were first noticed as small businesses struggled to secure any help protecting their businesses. The cost of using a cybersecurity company was considered too high, so many businesses decided to go without it. 

    Since then, the shortage has gotten worse, and up to three-quarters of businesses feel that the situation has continued to get worse. Even the cost of basic security software has been deemed too high by some businesses.

    How is it Being Handled?

    In 2020, when worldwide lockdowns forced people to work from home, many businesses were not equipped to handle a shift to remote working. For some, it took months of failed attempts to help get a successful shift to a remote working workforce. 

    Within this time, businesses that were equipped made leaps and bounds, many did not see an impact on their profit margins. As this shift highlighted the flaws of not having a tech team in place, businesses have tried to source IT solutions to ensure that they don’t get left behind again.

    How can Your Business Manage its IT?

    The simple fact is, many small businesses cannot afford to have a full in-house IT team. The cost of a team can run into the hundreds of thousands to keep them permanently on staff. 

    Thankfully, you don’t need to have a full team on your staff, you can outsource your needs to a cybersecurity firm that can manage everything for you remotely. Small business cybersecurity does not have to be extortionate, but not having a system in place can cost you if there is a breach.

    Why do You Need Cybersecurity?

    As a business, you have an obligation to your customers to keep your customers safe. This means that any details that you hold about them must be secure. It doesn’t matter what this information is, or how important you think it may or may not be. Your customer’s details are important to them. If you are attacked, a number of things can happen.

    Data may be stolen and held for ransom. Details may be stolen and used to create false identities. There are many ways that information can be used against you. And this obligation to your customers is not just a moral one, it is a legal one.

    Outsourcing your small business security to a cybersecurity firm can help provide the covert that you need to protect yourself. The cost may appear high, especially when you are trying to balance a budget. But having a cybersecurity firm fighting in your corner is an investment in your business. If you are not sure how this can work in your favour, you can contact us to discuss how your business should be protected.