How to Avoid Costly Pothole Damage 

    Pot holes are an unfortunate fact of life on most roads, and they can wreak havoc with your car’s suspension system and alignment. Attempting to avoid pot holes isn’t always possible. So here are some tips to help you avoid costly pothole damage to your car when they are simply unavoidable.

    1. Tires

    Check the air pressure in your tires often and keep them at the correct level. Low tire pressure makes it easier for the wheel to drop into a pothole, and puts extra strain on your suspension system. Tire pressure needs to be maintained throughout the year, it can shift and change given different climates, temperature change or wear and tear.

    2. Speed

    Slow down when approaching a pothole, especially if you can’t see it until you are right up on it. The slower you go over a pothole, the less impact it will have on your car’s suspension system. Making sure you maintain a safe following distance from the cars in front of you will help keep you safe in these instances, as you will have a bit more reaction time to slow down safely. Hitting a pothole at high speed can affect many areas of your car and do detrimental damage.

    3. Stay Alert

    Staying alert while driving is one of the most obvious ways to prevent hitting a pothole and damaging your vehicle. However, the more alert you are, the more reaction time you have to prevent potential damage and also helps when a pothole is in right front of you. When possible, change lanes to avoid potholes, but only do this safely and when it is legal to do so.

    4. Signage

    Look out for warning signs around construction sites that mark the location of potholes. These can be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention, but they can save you a lot of trouble (and money). Signs may not specifically indicate a pothole, but often construction zones will have more than other stretches of road, so staying cautious is beneficial.

    5. Roll Over

    If you can’t avoid a pothole, try to roll over it rather than driving through it head-on as this will reduce the impact on your car’s suspension system and alignment. Rolling over a pothole can be tricky if the pothole is particularly wide, however most can be avoided by orienting your car over it instead of keeping your tires in line with it.

    If you do hit a pothole and find yourself stuck in a particularly bad spot, it is always a good idea to take your car in for an inspection as soon as possible. Damage may not always be apparent right away but a small unseen problem can grow into a larger issue pretty quickly. Catching pot hole damage early can help save you money in the long run.

    Taking these few easy tips to heart, you should be able to avoid costly pothole damage on your car! Keeping your vehicle properly maintained and in good condition will also help minimize the risk of damage from hitting a pothole. Good luck!