How to Choose a Secure Padlock

    Choosing a secure padlock can be hard. You need to choose not just based on aesthetics, but also on the type of security it provides. Let’s look at how you choose one.

    First is the size of the shackle. Locks with smaller shackles are less secure than those with larger ones because they are easier to cut or break.

    Next is the construction material. The best are made of steel, but they tend to be more expensive than brass ones. Brass locks are not really strong either and can be discounted if you’re looking for a truly secure lock.

    Locks with dimpled shackles are harder to cut because when you try to cut it, the shackle closes and the ends touch each other, making it very difficult to cut. This type of shackle is usually found on higher quality locks.

    The use of a padlock loop is also important. Some come with just one loop that you can choose to put on either side. You should choose a padlock loop that has double loops, so it will always have a loop on the top and bottom, making it very difficult to break or cut.

    Another important factor is the body material of the padlock. Many used to come in brass, but this has largely been replaced by cheaper aluminum. However, some high quality locks are still made in brass.

    The pick resistant lock is easier to pick compared to a regular one. It has special notches that prevent it from being picked.

    Finally, choose a padlock that has a locking mechanism with levers that allow you to choose the combination of numbers or letters or symbols on its dial. However, different combinations make it easier for thieves to open, so choose one with fewer access points especially if you’re a busy person and end up forgetting the combination.

    The last factor to choose a secure padlock is checking out storage facilities if you tend to lose things. Losing your key poses risks not only for thieves but also for those locked in their homes or cars, which can be deadly in winter or summer. 

    The best way to choose a secure padlock is to choose those that have been certified by organizations such as the Sold Secure, which provide a rating system for locks on a scale of 0-8. This way you know your lock is safe and can choose based on price.

    How about trying some on at storage facilities so you can compare its aesthetics? You might choose a set depending on the facility’s appearance since it will be visible to your guests.

    For more information contact your local storage facility. They should be able to provide you with good advice on which padlock is best for you, or tell you which types of locks they have available for purchase or rent.