5 Tips to Find the Best Auto Body Shop

    There are millions of car accidents in the US every year. These can range from small fender benders to more substantial wrecks. In some collisions, a car is totaled beyond repair. However, there are plenty of accidents where a car can be fixed up in the hands of a qualified auto body technician. 

    If your vehicle is one of the many cars damaged in an accident each year, you want to get it repaired and looking back to its best as soon as possible. But before you rush out and book your vehicle in for a repair at the first body shop you find, it’s important to do some research first. 

    With many options to choose from, it might feel hard to know which is the right one for your car. To get your car properly repaired to a high standard, you need to choose the best auto repair shop. Take a look at our handy guide to be sure that you are picking the best auto body shop:

    1. Photos of Previous Work

    Before committing to getting your car repaired, it is crucial to see examples of work that the body shop has carried out previously. You want to see examples of quality work that show that they are experienced in repairs similar to your own. Ask to see photos of their previous repair jobs, including before and after pictures, so that you can compare the results. 

    Ask if they’ve done prior work on your same model and make of vehicle. An experienced auto shop should have worked with a variety of cars and know how to help with yours.  If you are going to trust a body shop with your car, you need to know that they are up to the job.

    2. Guarantees

    No one wants to pay for a job that isn’t up to standard. Before booking your vehicle in for its collision repair, check with the body shop to find out if they guarantee their work. If they are confident in the quality of their repair work, they should be happy to offer free fixes if you are not happy with the result. 

    A shop that offers consistent quality work will prioritize their customer satisfaction and be confident that you will be pleased with the job. Asking about this will ensure you are not left with a repair that has been poorly aligned or has a less than perfect paint job.

    3. Certification

    It’s essential to make sure that the people working on your car have the knowledge and training to do a good job. Certification helps to guarantee that technicians have the correct level of skill to complete the repair to the appropriate standard. 

    The technicians at Valley Collision, an auto body shop in Salt Lake City, recommend looking for an auto repair body shop with technicians that hold I-CAR Gold Class Certifications. This is an indicator that a shop’s employees meet the rigorous standard required to provide the highest quality repair.

    4. Quality Over Cost

    When it comes to collision repairs, it is always wise to choose a quality repair over the lowest cost option. A place that offers a too-good-to-be-true discount may be using discounted parts or hiring less qualified technicians. It may be tempting to get a cheap repair, but this can leave you with a low-quality repair that you will need to pay to have fixed again in the near future. 

    A cheap auto shop option is unlikely to offer guarantees for their work, which is an indicator that they don’t have confidence in doing their work to your satisfaction. Always choose quality over cost.

    5. Recommendations

    When choosing a repair shop, it is a good idea to ask if they are recommended by any of the major insurance providers. Recommendations from insurers are a useful indicator that the shop’s work is a good standard.

    You are legally allowed in most states to choose your own auto body shop, so your insurance provider shouldn’t be trying to force you into certain options. But insurers who have worked with auto body shops in the past will know if they offer good quality work. 

    After your car has been in an accident, it’s important to make sure you find a shop that can get it back on the road in top shape and quickly. By doing a little research ahead of time, you can make sure your car will get the best service possible.