When You Need Dental Implants And How To Find The Best Dentist

    Even when you think you’re taking very good care of your teeth, you may still end up developing certain issues. In so many cases, you can resolve those issues by opting for dental implants. The procedure is quite popular; in fact, many statistics have shown that more than 3 million people in the United States now have dental implants. There are some situations when you may as well be a good candidate for dental implants. For instance:

    You Have A Broken Tooth

    Whether you have broken your tooth because of some trauma or due to any other issue, you can always talk to your dentist like Clearbrook Dental and learn how dental implants can help. Many people opt for a dental crown, but there are situations when a crown may not be a feasible choice, leaving you with a dental implant only. Your dentist will have their focus on preventing tooth extraction, but sometimes, it is just beyond their control, and that is when they recommend an implant. The good thing is that when you select a professional and experienced dentist for implants, you usually notice no difference between the natural teeth as well as the implants.

    You Have Multiple Natural Teeth Missing

    It certainly looks bad to walk around with missing teeth, and it can hurt your confidence in a big way. Thankfully, you no longer have to live that way and talk to your dentist to know what they can do to correct the issue. Dental implants can replace those missing teeth and even help fill in space in a way that no one would ever notice that you’ve undergone a dental procedure every.

    You Have A Loose-Fitting Denture

    In so many cases, your dentist would recommend dental implants when you have a loose-fitting denture or loose-fitting partials. People who have this issue would tell you how uncomfortable the whole thing is. Dental implants will come to your rescue here and serve as a much better alternative to partials and dentures. By opting for this procedure, you do not have to constantly worry about your dentures becoming loose.

    There are many other situations when you can benefit from dental implants. For instance, you can use this option if you are noticing any bone loss in your jaw area or you have a specific “caved-in” look because of wearing dentures. While there certainly are situations when these implants serve you well, it is important to ensure that you only let an experienced dentist handle the procedure. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

    Always pay attention to the level of you dentist’s training. Keep in mind that oral surgeons are different from your regular dentist because they have to complete additional training. It is also important for them to get some in-hospital experience before they could apply for the licensure to practice on their own. The interesting thing is that some dentists may consider getting the license in a weekend course. You have to ask your dentist about these things before going any further with the procedure.

    Ask them about the number of procedures they have completed in the past. You may want to ask specifically about the dental implants they have placed in the past. The idea is to get to know more about their experience. Many dentists are not specialists, which is why they usually do not have much experience in performing dental implant procedures. However, you can trust an oral surgeon in this regard because they may have to perform these procedures more often. Just be sure to get more information in this regard before you take the plunge for dental implants for seniors.

    Ask about their success rate with implants. It is extremely important to point to consider because it will have a direct impact on how you recover after the procedure. An experienced dentist with a high success rate is always going to make it easier to go through the procedure comfortably and recover quickly too. There are several different options for these treatment plans. Some minor cases can be resolved with a single implant. Some smiles will need more work and require more implants. For those mouths that need a complete reworking, some dentists offer all on four implants. This procedure aims to fix all your dental issues in one operation, minimizing the amount of time you have to sit in the dentist’s chair to get the teeth you’ve always dreamed of.

    The fact of the matter is that dental implants are needed in many situations, but you will reap their true benefits only when you let an experienced dentist handle the procedure from start to finish.