How to Find Your Passion

    Diego Ruiz Duran is Mexico’s leading criminal defense attorney. He obtained his M.Crim and M.C.J from Oxford University. He furthered his studies at Cambridge University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


    Jose Luis Nassar mentored Duran for many years. He encouraged him to pursue his lifelong dream of starting a law firm of his own. His firm handles many well-known clients. In Mexico, the constitution is so flexible. The law changes daily.


    Duran’s high success rate comes from his ability to always fight for his clients. The firm quickly progressed into a Pro Bono matter expecting only the best from his team. Domestic violence cases often swept under the rug; all over the world; and have been for centuries. His company as a whole goes above and beyond; for its clients and community and continues to thrive.

    Always learn the ins and outs of the legal system. Many law passion-seekers should also think about taking public speaking courses. The benefits will be noticeable almost immediately in the courtroom. Duran is also an instructor and a professor in Mexico City, Mexico. He allowed himself to absorb more knowledge with vast amounts of law subjects. He dipped his toes in Constitutional Law and dove headfirst.

    Diego Ruiz Duran is one of the most respected lawyers around. His passion for law and helping the people of his community the right way will allow everyone to prosper. He has been fighting to reduce gender-based violence, an issue happening daily all around the world.


    With hard work and determination, anyone can achieve greatness and be successful with their passion. Never allow themselves to passion search with a negative mindset. One has to be realistic about one’s soul career, whether it can generate income or just a hobby. They need to put time and effort into searching for what they enjoy doing. Venturing out in the world can always open the eyes of lost souls.


    Pay attention to day-to-day activities focusing on what makes a happy and enjoyable day. People tend to wander through life hoping their passion will find them. Sometimes it will happen to people. The majority of the human race has to seek out what they enjoy doing in life. Unfortunately, some search their whole life. Being skilled or talented at something doesn’t mean you relish it. The old saying, grab the bull by the horns, fits so well with daily life. When people enjoy what they do for a living, everything else seems not so big.


    There are times when people will decide to throw in the towel because life got tough or there was a bump in the road. Face facts, life is hard. Adulthood and parenting are demanding as well! Find what motivates the body and mind and take that leap into trying something new.

    To become successful and continue thriving, they have to work hard every day. Giving up is not an option. Failure is not an option either. Take a deep breath, get back out there, and kick ass.