How to Free a Car Stuck in Snow

    It happens a lot of times car drivers get stuck in snow and they don’t know what to do. There is a way out-it’s called car rescue, this technique has been used for decades by professionals who understand the gravity of the situation that you are currently facing. In order to free your car from snow you will need:


    It’s possible that there is no shovel nearby but you can pick up any item with a sharp edge (iron rod, broken glass), tie it to a long rope or chain so you won’t lose grip or drop it during the process. An iron bar/rod will be better as your car might have alloy wheels which can be scratched on some rocks.


    The car’s tires must be full of sand, if not, use a shovel and fill them up. If you don’t have a shovel and there is no sand around then you can pull the car using another car as your car will be lighter because it will only have one driver inside.

    Spare Tires

    Some cars have alloy wheels which won’t scratch on stones or rocks that are commonly found near roads or paths where people drive their cars. You can tie it to a rope and use it as a break to stop the car from going forward/backward.

    Car Jack

    There are many types of car jacks but it doesn’t mean they all work the same way on every car model on the market. You can Google car jack tutorial, you will find many helpful videos so you won’t have any problems using it the next time.


    Another car assistance option is to use a rope and place one end on your car’s tire and another end on some objects you can find in the area. This is also known as winching from where your car is stuck. You can pull yourself free from where your car’s stuck by carefully putting a loop on some trees or poles that are near the car. Keep in mind that this method may cause scratches on your car if proper care isn’t taken when doing it.

    If you can’t do car rescue with these things then you can always call a car rescue service such as Heartland Towing & Recovery. They have advanced equipment and they will come in no time to save your car from snow.