How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing

    These days, one of the most exciting industries to work in is digital marketing. This is an ever-changing environment, where anyone creative and good at social media could be a great fit for a job and has many opportunities, whether you’re a master at writing content or at understanding analytics to improve ROI. But when you take a look at job postings online, it seems like you’re missing something, whether that’s experience or a degree in marketing. That seems a bit unfair, considering so many entrepreneurs started from the ground up, with just a vision and the right attitude. Why can’t you?

    The fact is, you can get a job, even if you don’t have the right experience or education yet. By following these tips, you can demonstrate to employers that you’re exactly the person they’re looking for, and get started in your digital marketing manager career.

    1. Get some experience

    If you don’t have any experience that’s related to blogging, social media, or marketing, then it’s time to do so. This is the best way for you to prove to an employer that you’re worth their time. You might be asking yourself the question: how do I get experience when I don’t have any in the first place? Well, think about whether you’ve got a friend who’s starting a new company. Maybe there’s a nonprofit near you that you’ve always wanted to volunteer for. This is the perfect place to start, and you can practice everything from blogging and editing to using Google AdWords.

    Considering that better content can drive traffic by up to 2,000 percent, you’re sure to get someone interested in your free services.

    2. Get the right certifications

    Even if you don’t have a masters in digital marketing, or you aren’t super-active on social media, you can still prove to employers that you’re the right fit for a digital marketing job. How? By getting certified. There are lots of digital marketing certifications available online, and many of them are free. Check out LinkedIn Learning to get started (you get a free month), and if you take a class with them, you get the added bonus of a certification that shows up on your profile. Checking out big names in the digital marketing industry, such as HubSpot, is a good idea, too.

    And don’t forget to practice your writing skills, too. That’s what’s key to content (in addition to knowing all the data-related, analytics stuff). With 72 percent of marketers worldwide saying that relevant content creation was their most effective SEO tactic, this will get you far.

    3. Network as much as you can

    Meeting other people in an industry always leads to more connections and job possibilities. If you go to a local meeting for marketers or people in the digital arena, you’re bound to meet someone who’s looking for new employees, or who can recommend some classes to you. Meeting in person is always ideal, but if you can’t manage this, join groups on Facebook and go to online networking events to make connections there. After all, many digital marketers work remotely, so there will be a lot of these events.

    Think about this: Google drives 96 percent of mobile search traffic. So if you make a connection that can teach you how to get a job related to digital marketing and Google, you’ll do quite well.

    4. Improve your online presence

    Finally, you need to have a strong online presence. By creating a mobile-friendly website where you have samples of your work (a portfolio is a must; an added blog is even better), and a CV with your experience and certifications, you demonstrate to employers that you take yourself seriously. A lot of the time, it’s a “fake till you make it” kind of game. Except that you also want to build upon your old skills over time, so that employers know you’ll keep working and learning once you’re part of their team.

    Considering that online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking (95 percent), remember to amp up your social media presence, too. By being as active as you can online, you’ll shine in comparison to other job applicants.

    These are some of the best ways to get a job in digital marketing, even if you don’t have a masters degree or prior experience. Whether you’re applying for a job with CBD ecommerce store or with a digital marketing agency, you’ll get hired! What other strategies have been effective to you when job hunting in the past?