How to Get Creative and More Efficient in 2022

    In 2022, creative and efficient will be two words you can not live without. Society is demanding creative, unique ideas from it’s workforce.

    With the advancements of technology, creative and efficient skills are more vital than ever before.

    Here are 5 ways to get creative and efficient in 2022:

    1) Get in the Flow

    Studies show creative people get in the zone when they are occupied with creative tasks. When you need to solve a creative problem, do not waste time on social media or watching TV.

    2) Use Customized Apps

    Everything is becoming more digital at an exponential rate. A customized app allows users to personalize applications quickly and easily by creating a unique design of the app. A company may have many types of apps for different purposes and it is important to have a customizable aspect of their apps that allow users to choose what they like and want in an application.

    3) Practice Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being conscious or aware, typically of something happening in the present moment. According to studies, creative thinking is more creative when done with mindfulness. The origin of mindfulness can be traced back to Buddhism and Hinduism. When one practices being mindful, they are practicing being fully engaged in whatever they’re doing at the moment – completely focused on the experience rather than letting thoughts about past or future distract them.

    4) Be Transdisciplinary

    Many creative ideas can be inspired by taking existing creative ideas and researching different creative fields such as engineering, art, sciences etc. to create a whole new creative idea. A transdisciplinary approach is one where people from 2 or more disciplines are brought together to solve an issue through creative means. For example, if there is a creative issue in the city such as an area that is always crowded – creative individuals from social sciences, engineering and architecture can come together to solve the creative issue.

    5) Have Fun

    Creativity is not limited to one specific career or type of job. Many creative people may find themselves in creative jobs such as artist and musician and their creative ideas may not be fully utilized. It is important to have creative hobbies and creative ways of having fun that can potentially be creative outlets for creative individuals to unleash their creative potential.

    For more creative and efficient creative solutions, unleash your creative potential with customized apps.