How to Prep Your Home Before a Vacation

    When it comes time to vacation, there’s nothing better than leaving home for a few days or weeks. Whether your ideal trip is tanning on a beach somewhere or hiking up a mountain, everyone deserves an escape from day-to-day life every now and then.

    However, it’s important that you prep your home before going on a vacation to ensure everything is exactly how you left it when you come back: safe, secure, and functional.

    Here are some tips to give you peace of mind when you’re leaving your home for a well-deserved vacation.

    Set Your Lights on a Timer

    Your lighting can be a good indication of when you’re home and when you’re not. If someone is scouting out homes to rob, then they’ll look for those that don’t seem to be occupied.

    If your home has any “smart” capabilities, it’s worth setting your lights on a timer because this can help deter any would-be criminals away from the home. It worked in Home Alone, so take a leaf out of Kevin’s book and keep your house looking occupied.

    Program Your Thermostat

    It’s a good idea to program your thermostat to be off while you’re away so you’re not wasting money on utilities you aren’t home to enjoy. Especially during the peak of winter or summer, your heating and air conditioning can leave you with a hefty utility bill, so it’s worth adjusting before you go.

    Set Your Water Heater to Vacation Mode

    Speaking of utilities, the water heater in your home can also be set to “vacation mode.” Understanding how to use vacation mode is important because if you opt to simply turn your water heating all the way off to conserve energy, you could inadvertently cause your pipes to freeze while you’re gone.

    Vacation mode lowers your water temperature, saving on bills, but still keeps it at about 55–60 degrees Fahrenheit so there’s no risk of burst pipes from frozen water. If you’re not sure where your vacation mode settings are, your water heater installation company should be able to help you (if a quick Google search can’t do the trick, that is).

    Ask Someone You Trust to Keep an Eye On It

    Having eyes on your property can give you peace of mind in knowing that it’s being looked after. A good way of making sure that happens is by asking a friend, family member, or even your neighbor to pop by and check on your property. You may want to give them the keys, too, in order to collect any mail while you’re away and to just do a routine check around the home to make sure everything is as it should be.

    Double-Check All Doors & Windows Are Locked

    Finally, do a quick check and double-check your doors and windows. It’s essential to make sure that everything is locked so that your home is as secure as possible. You don’t want to be hit with the sinking feeling that you left something unlocked once you’re already enjoying your trip.

    Use these tips in order to protect your home and to give you peace of mind while on vacation!