How to Repair Hail Damage on Your Car

    Hail damage can be a real headache. Not only does it cause dents in your car, but it can also shatter windshields and leave you with a huge repair bill. But don’t worry, there are ways to repair hail damage yourself, and auto body shops can help too.

    If your car has been hit by hail, there are 10 steps to take.

    1. Call auto body shop

    First of all, you need to call an auto body shop and get a quote on the damage done. It’s important you get this quote in writing before you start repairing your car yourself or hiring auto body shops for hail damage repair. You’ll need the estimate in case the insurance company decides to reimburse you for the repairs.

    2. Take pictures of the damage

    document the damage with before and after pictures. This will help with the insurance claim and with getting an accurate repair estimate from auto body shops.

    3. Remove any broken glass

    Be careful when removing any broken glass from your car. Wear protective gear to avoid injury.

    4. Remove dents with auto body hammers and dollies

    Gently tap the auto body repair tools against the dented area of your vehicle in different directions to help get rid of hail damage. If you’re not sure how to use auto body hammers, ask an auto repair professional for assistance before starting this step.

    5. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose debris

    This will help you avoid getting any dirt or other particles in the repair area.

    6. Fill any dents with body filler

    Apply the body filler to the dent and let it dry completely. Sand down the dried body filler until it’s smooth.

    7. Prime and paint the repair area

    Use auto body primer to prime the repair area, then use auto body spray paint to finish painting your car’s hail damage repair.

    8. Buff the auto body repair

    Buff the auto body repair with a clean cloth until it shines like new again. If you’re not sure how to buff auto body filler, ask an auto body shop to show you how before you attempt this step.

    9. Get auto glass repair

    If your car’s windshield was hit by the hail, get it repaired at a professional auto glass company. Don’t try to fix an auto glass yourself unless you have previous experience with auto body repair and auto body auto glass repair.

    10. Call auto body shop to check your work

    After you’ve completed the auto body repair, it’s a good idea to call the auto body shop that gave you an estimate to come out and look at your car. The auto body professional can tell you if he or she would have done anything differently when repairing the hail damage to your car. Make sure you have an auto body shop look at the auto glass repair too, just in case it isn’t up to par with auto body standards.

    If you’re worried about how much auto body shops charge to fix hail damage, be aware that auto body shops base their prices on several factors including location and labor rates. You may be able to get a discount if you have auto insurance, and some auto body shops also offer financing options.

    If you’re not sure whether or not to repair the hail damage yourself or take your car to an auto body shop, ask for advice from friends or family who have previous experience with auto body repair. And always remember to document your hail damage auto body repair with before and after pictures.