How to Simplify Your Life: A Guide for People Who Take Things Head On

    We seem to be living in a world where consumption is at an all-time high these days. More appears to be better, and it represents our social status. More money, a swanky modern house full of countless top-of-the-range devices, cars, phones, and even how many friends we have, thanks to social media, are all considered indicators of success. 

    Even dished-up food at restaurants need to be ‘instagrammable’ to be worthy. Why is everything so difficult or different now, and are we happier for it?  

    Simplifying our lives can help us think, feel, and move around the world more effectively. Here are some pointers that will guide people who take things head-on to simplify their lives. 

    Be Sensible With Goals

    We often create goals to become better people and improve ourselves, which is excellent, but having too many objectives can prohibit us from reaching them because our focus is spread too thin. 

    Your focus will be more concentrated, and your success rate will be higher if you only have one or two major goals. 

    Once you’ve completed one goal, move on to the next – this will relieve stress and give you a feeling of order as well as a stronger sense of accomplishment once it’s completed because you’ll know you gave it your all.

    Reduce Screen Time

    In the 21st century, we all spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, being on our smartphones, or watching TV. 

    Binge-watching shows are as addictive as hawk-eyeing social media, and a quick half-hour can quite easily turn into hours or even the majority of the day. 

    While watching TV, countless YouTube videos, or playing computer games can be enjoyable ways to unwind, doing so in excess can harm your view and attitude.  You aren’t aware of how much time you are wasting that could be spent on more beneficial and profitable things.

    It’s no wonder our grandparents so often quip that ‘it was simple back in our day’ because it really and truly was. 


    Being surrounded by ‘things’ and having a desire for the latest devices or trendy items can indicate that we are focusing our happiness in the wrong direction. In actuality, they divert our time, energy, and attention (not forgetting our hard-earned cash) from more productive endeavors.

    Your environment reflects your mind so put things into storage units if you need to re-focus.  Having fewer possessions allows us to appreciate what we do have and cultivates a happier outlook.

    Declutter your mind, your heart, and your home; let go of the heaviness weighing you down. 

    Financial Planning

    Because you’re so focused, you’re aware of what needs to be done in general. This might be of use to your financial situation. Deal with debt honestly and openly by making a detailed plan of what you can afford to do to get things under control.

    Simpler times are undoubtedly ahead once the debt has been eradicated and financial security has been established.