How to Stay in Shape Working From Home

    Staying fit at home is more important now than ever before. It’s hard to get out and get exercise, especially when the weather is hot. Thankfully, there are some excellent options for staying in shape without having to leave your home. 

    What to Look for in a Home Workout Machine

    Whatever your workout aspirations, there are a few things worth looking for when you choose home workout machines. If you’ve tried working out with simple tools like small weights and tension bands, but you’re not getting the results you want, or you want to up your routine, the right machines can make all the difference. 

    Low Impact

    High impact exercise can have all kinds of negative effects on your body, especially your joints. In fact, the negative consequences of this kind of exercise may undo the good that you’re doing by exercising regularly. 

    Choose a low impact option to make sure that you’re exercising safely. If you have a high-impact workout or sport that you do in addition to your home workout routine, it’s even more important to choose a low-impact option. 

    Whole Body

    You probably don’t have an entire gym in your house to devote to workouts. Therefore, you want to choose home workout equipment that works out your entire body. 

    Ideally, the equipment you choose will work out significant parts of your body at the same time, shortening your overall workout. A whole body workout machine gives you a fast, effective way to stay in great shape at home.

    Functional Muscles

    One thing that might be worth looking into as you choose a workout machine is a machine that will give you functional muscles. A machine that works out muscles that you can use in real life, like rowing or bicycling, can give you an extra motivation to work out. You’re not just getting into shape, you’re preparing for an activity that you can enjoy. 

    Ease into Workouts

    You are unlikely to be ready to launch right into an intense workout with high resistance when you first purchase a machine. You want a machine that lets you adjust the intensity of the workout as you progress. 

    Don’t choose a machine that forces you to handle more than you’re ready for from the beginning, but also be sure that the machine that you choose can grow with you as your workout intensifies. 

    Cardo and Muscle Building Together

    The primary flaw of many home workout machines is that they only focus on strength training and skip out on cardio. However, cardio is an extremely important part of your workout as well. Furthermore, having a cardio element to your weight workout often makes it much more fun for you to get the workout done. Look for a machine that combines elements of muscle building and cardio for an all-in-one workout. 

    Great Option in a Home Workout Machine

    Here is an option that is likely to help you craft a home workout that will get you into the shape that you want to be in, with a routine that you’ll actually do. 

    Rowing Machine

    A great home rowing machine lets you work out at home with a whole-body, low-impact machine. It is one of the best machines to ease you into a workout but also provides plenty of room to grow your workout as you improve. Rowing doesn’t offer the same sort of repetitive motion that can be bad in the joints like bicycle machines do. 

    Rowing is one of the best workouts for people who are concerned about osteoporosis. It is also great for older people and athletes who don’t want to injure themselves. Rowing offers excellent cardio and great strength training in one convenient workout. You can work out a number of muslce groups simultaneously as well. 

    As an added benefit, once you have built the muscles and developed the skill for rowing, you can put your skills into action. There’s the opportunity to row practically everywhere across the United States. Whether you’re rowing a kayak through the saltwater channels near your local ocean or you’re taking a canoe across a lake, you can practice your rowing technique and use those muscles you worked so hard on to propel you across the water. 

    Furthermore, rowing can be an amazing team sport. You can build your muscles at home on your home rowing machine and then use them to help your team achieve victory in a rowing competition. The feeling of being in-sync with the other rowers is like nothing else. It is a powerful motivator to keep you exercising. 

    Try a Rowing Machine to Stay Fit at Home

    A quality rowing machine is an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals at home in a way that is safe for your joints. When you’re ready, take your rowing skills to the water and have fun alone or as part of a team.