How to Store Your Winter Gear

    Why is it important to store winter gear properly? There are a few key reasons:

    • To keep your winter gear in good condition: Storing winter gear properly helps to extend the lifespan of your winter gear, so you can use it for many seasons to come.
    • To save space: Storing winter gear in a self storage unit or closet makes your home less cluttered and gives you more room to keep other things you need.
    • To protect your winter gear from damage: If winter gear is stored improperly, it can become damaged by moisture or mold, so storing it safely away will help prevent this.

    There are many different ways to store winter gear, depending on what type of winter gear you have and how much space you have available. Here are some of the most common methods:

    Hanging Winter Coats in a Closet

    If you only have a few winter coats, hanging them up in a closet is a simple and effective way to store them. This prevents them from taking up too much space in your home and keeps them out of the way of other things.


    Boxes are a great way to store winter gear if you have a lot of it. You can label the boxes so you know what is inside and then stack them up in a closet or garage. This is a good option if you plan on moving soon, as you can easily take the boxes with you.


    If you have a lot of winter gear but don’t have much storage space, shelves can be a good option for storing winter boots and other items. You can set up shelves in your closet or garage, or even install them inside your home if you have the space. Just be sure to leave plenty of room on the shelves so that winter gear isn’t piled on top of each other.

    Self Storage 

    Using a self storage unit is a great way to store winter gear if you have a lot of winter gear or if you live in a small space. You can rent a self storage unit for a month or two and then pack it up again when winter is over. This option is also good if you plan on moving soon, as you can easily take your winter gear with you without having to haul it all yourself.

    Under Beds

    If you don’t have much space available but need somewhere to store winter clothes and outerwear, try using under-bed drawers or boxes to store winter gear. You can also use winter gear organizers, which make it easy to store winter boots and coats in a small space.

    Garments Bags

    If you have winter clothing that you want to hang up rather than fold or pack, garments bags are an ideal option. These allow you to easily store winter clothes without taking up too much space, while protecting them from dust and dirt.


    Winter gear carts are usually designed for children’s winter gear, but they work well for adults too. These handy carts make it easy to organize winter clothing and other items like hats or gloves, and can easily be moved around the home if needed.

    Vacuum Storage Bags

    For bulky winter items like down jackets, winter boots, or winter sleeping bags, vacuum storage bags are a good option. These bags reduce the amount of space winter gear takes up by compressing it down to a fraction of its normal size. Just be sure to leave enough room around winter items while they’re in the bag so they don’t get damaged.

    With the right storage methods, you can keep your winter gear safe and organized for many seasons to come.