Incident Redemption: How to Save Your Company from a Cyber Attack

    In 2020, global cybercrime cost the global economy nearly$1 trillion, and it has been predicted that this figure could rise to as much as $10.5 trillion by 2025!

    Pretty much all businesses that use IT infrastructure can be subject to cyber attacks no matter how big or small they are, as prominent attacks on companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Marriott International have shown. 

    That’s why cybersecurity redemption is so important. If you want to prevent your company from being caught out by cyber attacks, you need to take several steps to make sure your infrastructure is as secure as possible. Below, you will find some of the most important steps to help you with that endeavor:

    Ensure Your Hardware is Secure

    When trying to mitigate against the threat of cybersecurity attacks, we tend to focus on the best antivirus software packages to protect our network and keep our data safe – we spend much less time thinking about securing our hardware.

    This is a major mistake because, when you think about it, the very easiest way for the wrong people to gain access to your important files is by stealing your hardware. 

    That’s why it is so important that all of your company’s computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are protected with strong passwords, and why you should consider preventing anyone from leaving the building with them unless absolutely necessary, even if that means making it physically impossible for them to be removed. This is cybersecurity redemption 101.

    Backup and Encrypt all Data

    If you back up and encrypt all data, then it doesn’t matter quite as much if your IT infrastructure fails or hackers gain access to your data because you will always have another copy available, and cybercriminals will have a very difficult time getting into your files and accessing any sensitive information you may be storing.

    Store Data in Multiple Locations

    Of course, there is little use backing up your data if you are going to store it on the same server as the original. If you do that and the system is compromised, all of your backups will be similarly affected, which is why storing data across multiple locations is a sensible part of cybersecurity redemption. 

    Invest in Cybersecurity Insurance

    Of course, as many high-profile hacks have shown, no matter how hard you work to keep your data safe and prevent cyber attacks from affecting your company, there is always a chance that it will happen anyway. That’s why, if you’re taking cybersecurity redemption in your company seriously, you should ensure that you have a cybersecurity insurance policy in place to protect you against any monetary losses that come about as part of a security breach.

    Get Professional Help

    If you are a small to medium company without a dedicated IT department, enlisting the help of a professional IT company that specializes in cybersecurity is a good way to ensure that you have all of the right measures and mitigation in place to keep your company safe.

    The Bottom Line

    Cybercrimes are a real threat in the modern world, but there are so many things you, or a good IT services company can do to mitigate risk and keep your company protected, and rhe sooner you take incident redemption seriously, the safer your organization will be.