Is On-Premise Servers More Secure Than The Cloud?

    In on-premise servers, an organisation has complete control of on-site security on their servers. In the cloud, on the other hand, a business lets a third party manage on-site security on their server.

    Although some tasks related to the on-premise servers are very secure and difficult for hackers to gain access into an on-site server without on-site security, on-premise servers are not completely secure. Hackers can break into on-site servers through several ways such as impersonating authorized users, stealing usernames and passwords, interrupting communication among systems or devices on a network by sending incorrect signals, hiding information in data packets that shouldn’t be on the network, and on-site servers on a wrong software version.

    Since on-premise servers are vulnerable to all these attacks, on-premise servers aren’t as secure as people think. Even with on-site security measures in place for on-premises server systems, they still need regular updates and authorization from IT managers, which makes on-premises servers less secure than cloud servers.

    Similarly, cloud servers are not as secure as on-site servers either. Cloud hosting providers have security measures in place for on- site security on their server systems too, but they are not completely safe. Hackers can break into cloud hosted data just like how they can hack on-site servers by impersonating authorized users, stealing usernames and passwords, intercepting on network communication, on cloud hosted servers on a wrong software version or other hacking methods.

    The cloud server location, on the other hand, is more secure than on-premise servers because it’s not on someone’s premises. Although organizations should have on-site security on cloud servers, it’s even more difficult to break into on a cloud server than on an on-site server. This is because hackers need direct access to on- site servers in order to hack on them while for on a cloud hosted system, they can hack on it from another location without setting foot on the organization’s on on-site property.

    In conclusion, on-premise servers are not as secure as on a cloud server system because they have on on- site security on the servers and at locations that hackers can gain access to without having to break into on- site security systems. In comparison with cloud hosting providers, organizations have on-site security on on-premise servers to deal with on site security issues. In addition, cloud hosting providers have on site security on their hosted server systems too but it’s more difficult for hackers from another location to break into a cloud system than on an on-site system.