Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital Management

    Growth reports recently presented by Altium Capital Management LP illustrated its significant success in 2018. Altium Growth Fund, LP is one of its products. This fund has improved over 6.6 percent in year to date returns. This number reflects activities during a six month period from its founding in June until December of 2018.

    Market Performance Comparison

    The gains posted by Altium become even more significant when compared to other numbers from market performances during the same time period. The S&P shows the performance of the top largest U.S. publicly traded companies in the United States. Based on its market value, the S&P experienced a loss. The performance of its healthcare, biotech, and other stocks provided negative numbers. Nasdaq Biotech ETF IBB provides information on the performance of biotech companies. The final numbers for 120 of these biotech companies were negative. This only illustrates what an impressive year 2018 was for Altium.

    Healthcare-Oriented Investment Firm

    Altium is a healthcare-oriented investment firm based in New York. It works to identify investment opportunities for companies in the healthcare industry. The person responsible for the success of Altium is Jacob Gottlieb who founded the firm. His motivation in its founding was to help fight different diseases as well as physical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. Gottlieb has a reputation for being a successful entrepreneur. Many think of him as the titan of healthcare investing. His goal is to invest in companies that provide the most important advances in medical treatment.

    Investment Categories

    The investment focus of Altium is in three categories. They are equities-linked products, mid-cap as well as small cap equities. It invests mostly in healthcare sub-sectors in the United States and internationally. This includes life science tools, biotech, specialty pharma, services, medical devices, and medical technology. Its team consists of seasoned senior investment professionals and this gives Altium an advantage. Its team members are experts in the healthcare industry and hedge funds. They all have established themselves as successful investors in the healthcare industry.

    Investment Approach

    Altium’s investment approach involves meticulous investment research. The goal of this research is to identify pricing inefficiencies contained in the mid and small cap sectors. This detailed analytical process is able to generate returns on short and long positions when joined with intelligent exposure hedging. The value of each investment is individually judged for its merits as well as expected-value characteristics and risk-reward.

    Investment Process

    There are three separate parts to Altium’s investment process. There is idea generation followed by stock selection and the last step is portfolio construction. It will also involve trade execution and exit strategy. This could also include actions such as technical analysis of supply/demand characteristics, expected catalysts realization, regular re-evaluation and also reviewing and resizing as necessary.

    Ultimate Goal

    Altium’s ultimate investing goal is to be creative as well as non-traditional and known for thinking outside the box. It works to provided attractive returns that are risk-adjusted. They will have few similarities to traditional equity investments. The Altium team is able to explore issuers that are misunderstood and especially those experiencing advancements or transformations because of new financing.

    Gottlieb And Visum

    Visium Asset Management, LLC was founded by Jacob Gottlieb in 2005. Prior to this Gottlieb was a founding member of Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. (BAM). While there, he was the top earner and had a reputation for large portfolio gains.


    In 2001, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) was earned by Gottlieb from the charter Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR). In 2010, he received his PRM designation from the International Association of Professional Risk Managers. He attended Brown University, earned a BA in Economics and graduated magna cum laude. Gottlieb earned an MD from New York University Medical School. At St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, New York, he completed an internship for internal medicine.

    Gottlieb is often asked why he chose to work in the financial industry over a medical career. He admits the challenges associated with investing attracted him. The chance to experience new technologies and ideas as well as identifying the best investment is something he finds exciting. Working to invest in companies that could change the world or industry is something Gottlieb finds very intellectually fulfilling.