Jacques Poujade: Top 3 Trends to Shape Crypto in 2020

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    Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting advancements in the financial industry that the 21st century has produced. With its roots in the future, the advancements coming from the cryptocurrency industry are innovative and far-reaching. However, despite that, it has yet to completely leave the ground. As a leader in the financial industry, Jacque Poujade knows that staying on top of trends is important to better understanding your financial future.

    While cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs, Jacque Poujade is confident that 2020 will be a big year for the digital money industry. It’s with this that he’s keeping up to date with the current and future trends that he’d like to share. Here are Jacques Poujade’s top 3 trends to shape crypto in 2020.

    Bitcoin Halving

    In May of 2020, Bitcoin is making one of its biggest moves yet – a halving. To better understand this process, it’s important to understand Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s process of “halving” begins with “blocking”. To put the price of a block into perspective, when Bitcoin began, a block equaled 50 bitcoins. Today, the block is only around 12.5 bitcoin, or BTC. That’s because the halving has already happened – twice. Typically, halving produces positive results for Bitcoin’s value. Many expect another halving to have, once again, positive results. We’re eagerly watching this trend to see if it continues to have a positive effect on Bitcoin or has lost its luster.


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    While many are still weary of the digital currency trends, Facebook is jumping head first into them by introducing their cryptocurrency, Libra. By introducing a new cryptocurrency, Facebook is taking a leap of faith into a realm that is still generally rocky. While those who’ve invested and believe in Bitcoin see its future as taking off any day, the trends are still all over the charts. Perhaps, Facebook putting their name behind the industry is just the spark it needs to get its feet fully off of the ground.

    Cryptocurrency Act

    At the end of 2019, “The Crypto-Currency Act of 2020” was initiated to better regulate the cryptocurrency industry. This act includes how to organize the monitoring of cryptocurrency systems, who holds and releases certification, and generally rules over the process of creating and maintaining a crypto economy. This legislation is certainly another example of cryptocurrency potentially being on the rise going into 2020 and becoming a more commonplace aspect of everyday lives.

    As we enter 2020, it seems like only a matter of time before cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallets will be used more frequently. Between new platforms being built, laws being put forth, and rules surrounding the industry, the foundations of a stronger climate for cryptocurrency are being laid for a big improvement sometime in the near future. Whether or not this will happen is still up in the air for now, but the many advancements set to take place in the coming year leave room for a lot of hope to those seeking the future of finance.