Jania Meshell Decides to Go Her Own Way

    Living in the spotlight can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. The media places a tremendous amount of scrutiny on everyone on whom they place their attention and focus. Jania Meshell has handled this with aplomb. She now has a beauty brand that has been built from the ground up. There is something satisfying that comes with building a business from nothing and that is exactly what she’s done. Her line of beauty products is now well-respected throughout the world. Without a doubt, she has come a long way since she first entered the entertainment and fashion worlds.

    Jania Meshell started making waves when she entered a relationship with the rap start NBA Youngboy. This rapper was already well-known throughout the worlds of hip hop and entertainment. Therefore, she was thrust into the spotlight immediately. After a while, some controversy started to enter the relationship which was a challenge for everyone. Thankfully, Jania Meshell handled this controversy well. She decided to get out of the relationship and turned the tides on everyone who doubted her. It was then that she decided to launch her own beauty brand.

    Her beauty brand is called Jania Meshell (after her) and is going to feature some outstanding beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products. These items are going to come from her own online store. Because she already has a bevy of loyal supporters, there is no doubt that her beauty line is going to succeed. In large part, these supporters are following her from her very successful YouTube channel. Jania Meshell has more than 400,000 subscribers on her channel which shares a variety of useful information. Like her beauty line, this YouTube channel has been built from the ground up as well.

    Her YouTube channel has a variety of videos on it. Like many channels, she has some hilarious pranks that feature some priceless reactions. In addition, she also shares a variety of beauty reviews. She takes various products, explains how they work, discusses how they should be used, and shares helpful information with her followers. Finally, she also posts some personal video logs as well. She is a very genuine person and this comes through in all of her videos. Jania Meshell has demonstrated to everyone the power of YouTube and honesty as her supporters have rallied around her, supporting her through her good times and bad. Without a doubt, this is going to carry into 2020.

    2020 is already off to a great start for Jania Meshell. Her beauty lien is going to be huge and her YouTube channel continues to go strong. Without a doubt, she delivers for her fans day after day. It is a challenge to keep up with everything that Jania Meshell is doing as a young entrepreneur. She certainly has a tremendous amount of motivation which is reflected in everything that she does. In addition to her YouTube channel, she also has an Instagram account and Twitter handle.