Key Web Design Elements That Complete an Educational Website

    Like any other sector, the educational sector is embracing the power of digitalization too. Whether you want to learn a course sitting anywhere in the world or you wish to take out all the details for getting admitted to a university, educational websites can prove to be of real help. You can also find many educational websites that help you prepare for any entrance exam; for example, you can do GMAT preparations online with the help of these websites.

    With the websites being such an important part of an institute to instill the knowledge and other whereabouts among the students, they need to be designed efficiently and effectively. Having a website with poor design, tricky navigation and a not so clear message will result in the your online presence suffering. In this article, we would discuss some interesting points that should be kept in mind while designing your educational website. 

    Here is a list of things that one should keep in mind so as to get a good response to their online presence:

    • Prospectus

    The prospectus is an important aspect for any educational institute and it should be included in your website and be easily accessible to all. This will not only help the students to get it whenever they want but will also help in saving paper.

    • Search

    The ‘Search’ functionality of the website should be really easy to use. Students should be able to find whatever they need easily without hassle, as this will also improve their online experience.

    • CRM

    If you are thinking of acquiring new students for your institute, then the key is to track the students who have visited your website and keep that valuable data in a CRM. If you could integrate your CRM with CMS then that would not only help you to get genuine data but it would also ensure the accuracy.

    • Social media integration

    Integrating your website with social media can prove to be really helpful. Everyone these days have some or the other way of being present in social media. And if you have a well social media integrated website, then they would be able to directly check your feed without actually leaving the website.

    • CMS

    The Content Management System (CMS) should be simple, easy to use and you being a user should have full control over it so as to update different events, news, blogs, etc. 

    • Brand image

    The website should be able to reflect your brand and its image in a rightful manner. This can be considered as an online banner that would attract many customers from around the world to attract students to your institute.

    With a user-friendly website, that is easy to understand, responds quickly and have less downloading time, your institute would be able to acquire a very strong digital footprint. Do consider keeping all the above points in mind so that when you actually create the website, it is efficient and works properly so as to attract more potential customers and make you distinctively present in the online world.