Modern Kitchen Trends for 2020

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. And from time to time, it’s always a good idea to check on how healthy the heart is! Kitchens are one of the more high-traffic areas of the house. This means they’re more prone to picking up signs of wear and tear than other rooms in the home. 

    Of course, there are various ways in which you can breathe some life into your kitchen. You can opt for an entire kitchen remodel. Or you can just upgrade a few key things to give it an updated feel. Once you’re finished, you’ll find that you have a beautiful new kitchen that looks much better than before. 

    If this all sounds encouraging, then take a read of the below, where we’ll run through some of the hottest kitchen trends in 2020. 

    Kitchen Islands

     Is there anything better than a kitchen island? We don’t think so. This ideal space allows your family to chat in the morning while having breakfast, or open up the kitchen when you’re hosting parties. And then there’s the whole matter of the cooking prep space they provide. To get an island that’s perfect for your needs, make sure it has storage underneath. You’ll be grateful for it, trust us!

    Updated Tech 

    Technology has improved most areas of our lives. If you’re living in a low-tech kitchen, consider whether now is the time to get an update! Smart fridges can tell you what you’re missing while you’re at the store. Hands-free sinks can add easy and cleanliness. Built-in kitchen scales can take your cooking game to a new level.

    Soft-Tone Cabinets 

    The cabinets of the kitchen have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the space. Rather than just functionality, cabinets play a big role on kitchen aesthetics. If you’re looking to make a big improvement to the appearance of your kitchen relatively quickly, then changing the cabinets is the way to go. So what’s big in the world of modern cabinets? It’s all about light colors. Dark cabinets have had their day (for now); 2020 is the year of white and light-grey cabinets.

    Light colored cabinets are increasingly popular for two good reasons: they’re inviting, and they make the kitchen look roomier and fresher. Include them as part of your kitchen overhaul, and you’ll be well on your way towards creating a tone that’s comfortable, airy, and all-around inviting.

    Extra Pantry Space

    A walk-in closet for your clothes is a touch of luxury. What about a walk-in pantry? If you’ve struggled to get a firm grasp on your kitchen’s organization in the past, then you’ll find that a walk-in pantry makes a huge difference. The additional storage space allows you to bulk buy essentials and make sure you can find everything when you need it.

    Statement Backsplashes

    The fundamental purpose of backsplashes is to help to protect the walls from splattered oils and other ingredients when you’re cooking. But in 2020, they can also greatly enhance the kitchen aesthetic. Indeed, they can provide something of a statement feature. When you’re putting together your new kitchen, pick a bold backsplash, one with color or interesting designs.

    All Things Quartz 

    Are you looking to give your kitchen a luxury look and feel, without the high cost? Then opt for a quartz countertops. Aesthetically, these belong in a group along with granite and marble, but they can be much cheaper. They’re also convenient, requiring minimal maintenance and they’re easy to clean too. 

    On top of that, they could well be the best material for your family too—quartz actively discourages bacterial growth. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, so you can get the one that’s perfect for your needs. 

    If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen this year, look at the above options for some great ideas to get started. Incorporate a few changes and you’ll be living well, both in 2020 and beyond.