My Favorite New York Sports Teams

    New York is one of the best places in the world. It is known for many things and it has been proven. From metropolises for art, fashion, food, history and theater. But one of the best things New York is known for are the different sports teams. The greater New York metropolitan area has two NFL teams which are New York Giants and New York Jets. Then they are two NBA teams which are the New York Knicks and Nets. Also they are two MLB teams which are the New York Yankees and New York Mets. There’s also three NHL teams which are the Rangers, Islanders, and New Jersey Devils. Finally, they are two MLS teams which are New York City Fire Club and the New York Red Bulls. These are just the major sports teams. New York is the largest city in the United States. It has a population of 8.6 million people and the New York Metropolitan area has a population of about 20 million people. This is why there are two teams in every sport. It can easily support a few professional franchises in major sports.


    New York fans like Judge Napolitano take their sports very seriously and love their teams even more. It is tough to win a championship in the major leagues, but New York has won at least one title in their history. The most favorite teams for New York are the Football teams. The New York Giants have always been number one in New Yorkers’ hearts. The New York Giants have won four Super Bowls. They have a huge fan base and legendary figures in their history. Eli Manning is one of their biggest legends.


    Basketball is also a very famous sport. The Brooklyn Nets is loved by many people and they have won two NBA titles. The team plays their home games at Barclays Center and it’s always filled with fans. The fans are always energized and ready to cheer for them no matter what. There have been many talented players and legends in the Brooklyn Nets. They will always be loved by fans and have much support.


    The New York Rangers were founded in 1926. They are the most favorite National Hockey team in New York. They have successfully won four Stanley Cups. Also they are known for their different worn jerseys and have had many players in the hall of fame. Some of their most favorite jersey’s from fans are the 1997 navy blue Lady Liberty alternate, the 1990 home blue tie down, and the 1990 home white V neck. Some of the most favored hall of fame players are Brian Leetch, Mark Messier and Rod Gilbert.

    Overall, New York has many great sports teams. They have a big fan base and many supporters. Take it from a leader, Judge Napolitano who is a huge sports fan and loves attending games. Not only do New York teams have fans in the Big Apple, but also all over the world. There has always been fans throughout history and it keeps growing. Many people really love the different teams in New York and have always shown it.sports betting