Password Managers Are Being Breached – Should Your Business Still Be Using Lastpass?

    Using password managers can be an incredibly convenient way to keep track of the countless passwords used in a business. It’s no wonder they have become so popular – but what happens when one is breached? Should your business still be using Lastpass, even if it has been compromised?

    The answer is yes. Despite the security risk posed by a breach, the benefits of using password managers far outweighs the risks. Here are seven reasons why businesses should still be using Lastpass:

    1. Secure Encryption

    First and foremost, Lastpass is designed to provide highly secure encryption for your passwords and usernames. This allows you to keep your business accounts safe from malicious actors and hackers. Lastpass also allows you to set up two-factor authentication for added security. However, it is important to remember that if your master password is breached, all other passwords stored in Lastpass can be accessed as well.

    2. Password Autofill

    Using a password manager like Lastpass makes it easy to autofill usernames and passwords when logging into various accounts, which can save your business time in the long run. For the ultimate in convenience, Lastpass also offers the option of auto-login which helps save even more time.

    3. Customized Security Policies

    Lastpass allows you to customize specific security policies for your business, making it easier to ensure that your accounts remain secure. Where necessary, Lastpass can also be integrated with other security tools such as two-factor authentication and biometric identification.

    4. Password Sharing

    If multiple people in your organization have access to the same account, Lastpass makes it easy to share passwords and usernames without having to worry about security risks. Password sharing can also be restricted to certain levels of access, depending on the needs of your business.

    5. Password Strength Meter

    Lastpass also has a built-in password strength meter, so you can immediately identify weak passwords and ensure that your accounts remain secure. The best part is that Lastpass does all of this automatically, so you don’t have to manually monitor for weak passwords.

    6. Security Alerts

    Lastpass will send out security alerts when suspicious logins occur, allowing you to quickly take action if necessary. When the security of a Lastpass account is compromised, users are informed immediately.

    7. Automated Password Changing

    Lastpass also makes it easy to set up automated password changes for your accounts, making it easier to stay on top of account security and prevent unauthorized access. There’s no need to manually change passwords every few months.

    Overall, while there is always a risk associated with using any kind of password manager, the features that Lastpass provides make it well worth the investment for businesses that take account security seriously. With its encryption, customizable security policies, automated password changing, and other features, Lastpass can be an invaluable tool for keeping your business’ accounts safe from malicious actors.