The Art of Strengthening Your Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are important. After all, “86 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses,” according to BrightLocal.

    That’s a huge benefit if you get good reviews, but the opposite is the case if you have bad reviews. Whether it sounds fair or not, a bad review could cause other customers going to other businesses.

    The art of strengthening your customer reviews isn’t easy, and there are many strategies and tips you can implement. It’s not easy getting high-quality Straight Marketing LLC reviews, but you can strengthen your reviews like this digital marketing expert by following the tips below.

    Find the root of the problem

    Damage control is key if you want to make a positive change. Why are you receiving bad reviews in the first place? Is it because of your product or service? Maybe it’s your employees and their customer service. It could even be because your website isn’t user-friendly (more on that later).

    There are many reasons you could be receiving bad reviews. The important thing is to find the root of the problem because online reputation is important, and bad reviews can sink your company.

    During your audit, it’s also important to monitor what you’re doing right.

    Offer a discount for good reviews

    While you can’t expect discounts to solve all of your problems, you can enhance your customer service and receive good reviews by offering a 5 to 10 percent discount if a customer leaves a good review on Yelp, Google, and other sites.

    Tell your customers to leave a review on social media

    The more good reviews you get, the more you look like an authority figure and the more customers will trust you; this is the power of online reputation management.

    After a purchase, have your employees remind customers to leave a review on social media. It doesn’t work every time, but a customer is more likely to leave a review if you ask.

    According to Brandwatch, “68 percent of customers report that they will leave feedback if they are asked by the company.”

    Strengthen your customer service

    You can strengthen your customer service through employee situational training. It’s important to not only train your employees on how to incorporate proper customer service techniques but to also remind them of the values of your company.

    It’s important to respond quickly and also to solve the issue. If a customer has to wait for a long time, then that could lead to another bad review. Make it clear how long it takes to get back to your customers on your social media platforms and website so everyone is on the same page and customers also know what to expect.

    You can’t eliminate bad reviews, but you can ensure your company receives more good ones by strengthening your customer service overall.

    Make your website an enjoyable experience for customers

    There are many elements when it comes to quality customer service, and these elements can lead to either good or bad reviews.

    Above all else, you want to make your customers feel welcomed and as if their wants and needs are being met. You also want to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. With more and more people doing their shopping online, it’s essential that your website is user-friendly. Not only does your site need to be easy to navigate, but it also needs to be mobile-friendly because many customers do their shopping on their smartphones.

    The art of strengthening your customer reviews is a long and never-ending process. Luckily, the tips above can help in a big way when implemented properly.