The Groomsman’s Style Checklist for His Wedding Day

    There is so much involved in helping the groom plan for a wedding that it is particularly easy to overlook some of the essential aspects, such as how you are going to look on the big day. 

    As a groomsman of any kind, you have to make sure that you are looking your absolute best for the groom’s special day, and that requires a knowledge of how to ace the groomsman’s style. Above all, you’ll want to keep it classy. 

    In this post, we’ll look at a few of the essential components that you should focus on to ensure that you really fit in on the wedding day:


    Your hair will be one of the central elements to your style. If you fail to get your hair just right, it could have a profound impact on the way that the whole bridal party appears. 

    Scruffy or messy hair is an absolute no-no, as is dirty hair. So make sure you get a stylish haircut on the week of the wedding, ideally around two days before the big day. This means you have a fresh new cut for the big day, with a couple of buffer days to fix it if anything goes terribly wrong. On the morning of the wedding, shampoo and condition it and style it to perfection (maybe even hire a professional hairstylist to go the extra mile!).


    Beards go in and out of fashion, but the important thing is that you keep on looking as stylish as possible. That means you need to be neat and presentable, which will usually require that you get a professional shave done. 

    As it is such an important part of the whole package, you need to make sure that you are not going to skimp and save, but rather that you get your shave done properly. You’ll find that having a good shave will make you look considerably more stylish and make sure you look great next to the groom.

    Custom-Tailored Suit

    It’s no good turning up to a wedding as a groomsman in a less than perfect suit. In fact, if there is any part of getting yourself ready for the wedding that you should be sure to put a lot of effort into, it is the suit. 

    It’s imperative you invest in a good-quality, custom-tailored suit for the event, as that is the only way to ensure that you will look your absolute best. Plus, since the groom will likely have a particular style or color he wants you to wear, it’s important to find a quality tailor who can ensure you get the exact suit you need.


    Your style is about much more than just your appearance; if you want to keep it classy, you’ll have to involve all of the senses equally. 

    That’s why it is always so important that you wear some high quality cologne. Treat yourself to some great cologne before the wedding—but remember, you only need a dash of it to bring about the desired effect. Too much is as bad as none at all.

    Now that you have the ultimate checklist for your style on your pal’s big day, get started on finding the right barbers, tailors, and scents to make sure you get all the boxes checked.