The Morning Routine of Nimrod Santo that Helps Set Him Up For Success

    The level of productivity you will achieve in a day depends on how you start your mornings. When the day begins with a lot of positivity and focus, you will feel the impetus to do more and succeed more.

    We had the rare chance to speak with direct response marketing guru, business developer, and entrepreneur, Nimrod Santo. In the interview, Nimrod was kind enough to share some of his productivity tips for super-achievers.

    Direct Response Marketer Nimrod SantoNimrod, it is always a pleasure. Can you briefly tell us about your career?

    I am a direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur. Over the years, I have built successful sales funnels in different niches.

    I have fine-tuned the process of direct-response marketing, sales enhancement, and niche marketing. I have developed parameters for measuring a return on investment for marketing campaigns.

    I love selling to people; however, most importantly, I love studying consumer behavior and the psychology behind people’s buying decisions.

    What is Your Morning Routine?

    I tell a lot of marketers that the morning is the most essential part of their day. As a direct-response marketer, you can sell your products or services at any time of the day; however, a successful marketer’s mindset is entirely different from that of a mediocre marketer.

    Most people are masters of negative thoughts; they accommodate fear and doubt; they do not achieve as much as they would love to, and they continuously beat themselves down. When the sun rises upon you, it’s a new day and another opportunity to win big.

    My morning routine begins with a mind stretch. Before I check my phone for any recent messages or updates, I speak affirmatively. I affirm that I will be hardworking and focused. I harness the positivity from my environment, and then I pan for the day.

    After a 30-minute workout, I usually have my black coffee and make sure to fuel my body with healthy food that will stimulate my entrepreneurial creativity.

    The Morning Routine of Nimrod Santo that Helps Set Him Up For Success

    What are the Three Things that You Cannot do Without in the morning?

    First, I cannot begin a day without affirmations. Affirmations are capsules of positivity that influence your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind is positively impacted, it, in turn, affects you and pushes the limit of your imagination and creativity.

    I cannot do without statistics. As an online entrepreneur and direct-response marketer, I rely on data for marketing decisions.

    I track my best selling funnels and mark patterns that may have led to peak sales, and then I replicate those patterns on other campaigns—of course, tweaking the whole process to fit into the natural purchase habits of my website visitors.

    What’s the Best Part of the Day? Morning, Afternoon, or Night?

    I love every second of every day. I do not think I have a favorite hour.

    As long as I can work, surf, have fun and win big, I am thoroughly happy.

    Also, I love mentoring new direct-response marketers on the essence of online marketing.

    If you can give three pieces of advice this morning, what would they be?

    Stay positive; always believe in yourself; stay with people who will push you to be the best version of yourself.