The Rapidly Growing Mobile DevOps Occupation

The future of Mobile DevOps engineering is promising, driven by several key factors. The demand for DevOps engineers remains high, with the role being the most in-demand job title in 2021. The DevOps market is projected to reach a value of $51 billion by 2030, indicating substantial growth opportunities.

Mobile apps continue to gain prominence as a primary revenue mechanism for businesses. With a significant percentage of retailers, small businesses, and millennial-owned businesses owning at least one app, the demand for Mobile DevOps engineers is surging. The reliance on mobile apps is further fueled by the fact that smartphone users depend on multiple apps daily, resulting in increased build and test requirements.

As the competition in the mobile space intensifies, companies are under pressure to deliver faster deployment while ensuring faultless releases. Developers are releasing code at an accelerated pace, but a lack of automation can hinder timely code delivery. Additionally, consumers have higher expectations, with a single problem in app performance leading to app deletion for 60% of users.

To meet these challenges and drive efficiency, Mobile DevOps engineers require the support of effective DevOps tools. These tools have demonstrated significant benefits, including reduced time-to-market and improved quality. For example, a popular tool used by mobile unicorn startups called Bitrise, enables Mobile DevOps engineers to reduce build times, increase deployment frequency, and improve app stability.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise